Saturday, November 7, 2009

4 Month Portraits Made

I went yesterday and had Cody's 4 month pictures taken. (He was actually 4 mos & 11 days) We chose 4 poses and they are absolutely beautiful. As soon as I can get the info on how to look at them online, I will post it here. In one of the pictures, he has drool dripping off of his chin. I had to get that pose because that is him right now. Drool and all,lol. I took him to a Dr appointment yesterday because he hasn't been feeling well. His Pedi believes that he has asthma & allergies. Kevin has asthma, so it is completely possible. On top of allergies, he is teething and still no teeth have come through yet *argh* I think I should buy stock in Orajel at this time. Since benadryl has not worked for him, she prescribed another cough medication and the COPAY was $40.00. I almost had a stroke right then and there. That was with my insurance. Without my insurance it was around $100.00. The lady at the pharmacy said that the medication doesn't come in a generic and it must not be on my insurance company's "preferred" list. Must not *ouch* Anyway, that is about it around here. Nothing else to really mention. Kevin and I are having a "date" night tonight though. My mom is keeping Bug and we are going to a movie and to eat dinner.

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