Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5 Months Old

It is hard to believe that my little bug is already 5 months old!! He turned 5 months on Thanksgiving day. (11/26) Sorry I haven't posted in so long but I have been pretty busy here lately. Cody is doing absolutely amazing. He is getting so big already. He holds his own bottle most of the time (when we use one of the little bottles)though we still have to help him because he isn't coordinated enough to keep it in his mouth :O) We have started him on baby cereal and some baby foods. He eats rice baby cereal and sweet potatoes, carrots and squash baby food. He likes all of them, so we are pretty lucky in that area. However, some days he does not care to eat anything and only wants his bottle. It is hard to get a picture of Cody smiling though because when he sees the camera he wants to play with it and starts to concentrate on the camera and instantly stops smiling. So, we probably will not have many smiling pictures for quite a while. He is a very happy and smiling baby though, I promise. He smiles and laughs all the time. (just not when the camera is around) I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had a great Thanksgiving, it was Cody's first one and though he was not able to partake in the feast- he was able to partake in the family gathering. We had Thanksgiving here at our house for our side of the family and then he went with my mom and step dad to my step dad's side of the family for their Thanksgiving get together. So, he had a big family day. Kevin started putting up our Christmas tree last night. Once it is up I will post pictures of it. I ordered Cody a special ornament from Lenox that has his name and birth date on it for his first Christmas. It is in and is already on the tree. Anyway, will post more later.

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