Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vlad, Ivanna & new Baby

Please keep these 2 cuties in your prayers as well. My prayer is that they find a new home quickly and get to come HOME quickly. If they are still available once we are able to travel, we will go for them as originally planned. It is very, very hard to accept the fact that the kids that you have thought of as your own for several months now, are not yours anymore. We thank God every day for our miracle baby and that is what this baby is, a God given *Miracle* We do not always understand why God does things when he does, but we accept them. I wish that these two were home and safe right now. However, God has chosen to give us this little miracle I am carrying now instead of earlier or later and we accept God's plan. My last pregnancy ended at 11.5 wks and we have passed the 12 wk mark now. That is definitely worth celebrating! I lost the other 2 a lot later, but both my ob & my specialist believe that they have found the issue and my injections will rectify the situation. So far, so good!! I have to take 2 injections of heparin a day along with a baby aspirin, iron, prenatals, calcium and something else that I cannot remember at this moment. Our two ultrasounds have definitely been a positive experience, I have to admit I was dreading the first one. I could not believe that God had chosen to bless me with a baby. I prayed that things would be fine and they were. Kevin, my sister & I were all crying tears of joy when we saw the baby moving and saw & heard the heartbeat. My niece was just amazed that a baby was in her aunt Christy's tummy. She kept on for days touching my stomach asking if that was where the baby was at, lol. We were so happy because my last ob u/s experience was with the last miscarriage and it did not show a heartbeat. When I had my 2nd u/s at my regular Ob's office I was in awe that this little baby was moving it's little arm & leg buds and was flipping and turning over!! I was by myself at that appt since Kevin had to work. I was scared yet again that something would be wrong so I was extremely happy to see that activity going on. I know it probably sounds negative but once you have been pregnant multiple times and you go into an appt or to the hospital and there is not a heartbeat any longer, you do not KNOW the feeling. I have been very fortunate once again to have no morning sickness (never have with any pregnancy) I have lost 3 pounds though, ob was not very happy about that but I will pick it back up eventually. Probably nerves. Anyway, all for now. Please keep Vlad, Ivanna & baby Crowder-Faglie in your prayers.


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