Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2 Months

Has it really been 2 months?? I still cannot believe that my perfect little bug has been here that long. After waiting years and years for him I have been blessed to be able to hug and kiss him for 2 full months. *WOW* Here are some pictures from tonight. They are not all that great as Cody had just woken up (we were in town visiting family) He has been rolling from belly to back since he was 3 weeks old and laughs out loud and smiles often. However, to get a picture of him laughing or smiling is really hard because my camera takes a minute to focus and get the picture. Will update more later :O) Also, be sure to visit and welcome Elijah, he was born yesterday 8/25/09 and is blessed with Down Syndrome. He was prenatally diagnosed so, no surprise at birth. Elijah's blog is

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  1. Congratulations! I have been off the blog scene for awhile so I missed hearing of Cody's birth. I am so happy for you! He is completely adorable! He is already 2mths, wow, they grow so fast. Do I see cloth diapers? I have been trying those too. Best wishes with your sweet baby boy!