Friday, August 28, 2009

Cody's 2 Month Checkup

Yesterday was Cody's 2 month Dr visit. He weighs 11.8 and is 22 inches long. His pedi was impressed that when laying on his belly that he can lift up his head and upper body and look around. She was also surprised that he flipped himself over when he was done with that. Pedi says he is doing things that babies usually start doing at 4 months old. So, he is a little ahead of schedule. All is good healthwise with my sweet little bug. He is getting bigger and bigger and we sure do love him. Today was my first day back to work. It is really hard being away from him though..... Will write more later.

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  1. Oh, I know how hard it is to go back to work and leave them! It's very hard! I have to go back next week.:(