Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lots of stuff

My handsome little bug giving me his crooked smile

Pursing his lips :O)

Me, a few days before my sweet bug was born

Me, the day I came home from the hospital with my sweet little bug

Me today 5 weeks and 1 day after giving birth to my sweet little bug

I love my little bug Cody more than anything. It is a love that I have had for him since I first learned I was pregnant. After many, many years we were finally blessed with this perfect little boy. I was a really high risk pregnancy and I am sure that my ob/gyn was thinking "whew, glad that is over" when Cody was born,lol. We would love to be blessed with another baby if that is our Heavenly Father's wish. I love to watch Cody day in and day out, he makes some of the funniest facial expressions. I especially love his big cheesy grin and audible laugh, that is about everyone's favorite, I think. I sometimes wonder what he is thinking about? He laughs, smiles and sometimes frowns in his sleep. We feel so very blessed to be his parents. My mom says that he is a miracle that she never thought would happen. We didn't either... I have to say that getting used to motherhood takes some time. I have learned so much in so little time. Breast feeding is great and natural and we are doing it, but since Cody will not feed at the breast anymore I have a date with a breast pump every 3 hours or so. However, since breast milk is the healthiest for him, we will continue. I know not many of you know, but I have chronic pain and have for quite a while. My body makes tons of scar tissue when I have surgery. I had 3 surgeries last year and my body went crazy making scar tissue... the scar tissue is connected everywhere and causes me lots of pain. I also have scar tissue that formed at my heparin injection sites.. yeah, that bad. My Dr has consulted with 3 different surgeons about removing the scar tissue, but all 3 do not recommend doing it because my body could build even more. So, that is where we are. Some days are better pain wise than others. On my really bad pain days I just want to sleep and I am really learning how to sleep when my little bug sleeps. So, if I do not answer your emails for quite a while it is because I am trying to sleep when bug does. The pictures above are 2 of my favorite of bug and then just pics of me during, after and now.


  1. You look AWESOME Christy!!!!!! That little boy is pretty cute too :)

  2. You look good Christy....Cody is such a cutie Bug!!