Friday, July 31, 2009

5 Weeks

Robert's 1st time feeding his cousin

3 Beautiful Cousins all together

Julia & Bug

Bug Sleeping

Another of Bug sleeping in his living room bassinet

Today my sweet little bug is 5 weeks old. *WOW* 5 weeks since my life long dream of having a child has come true. I treasure every facial expression and every gurgle and body noise he makes. I love my bug more than anything. Here are pictures that were taken yesterday. His cousins sure do love him. Kevin and I hope to get pictures made soon of all three of us together. That is hard with Kevin's work schedule. Also hard because I would love for Bug to be awake during the photo shoot rather than asleep. Hoping we can get them taken soon. I want to thank everyone for their prayers that I know included all of us, they have helped greatly. Cody is doing a little better in the bathroom department. Still has to strain to make #2, but he is able to do it one time a day now which is better than none. However, he used to go 5 or more times a day. I am feeling okay, I have had to be hospitalized 2 times since bug was born due to my kidney issues. Do not think I ever wrote about the 2nd hospitalization, but I was transferred by ems from the hospital near my house to the one in Austin again when bug was 3 weeks old. Was in the hospital for 3 days that time. Still feeling crappy, but not so much that I need to be hospitalized. I think the hospital staff is beginning to recognize me *lol* Bug is spending the weekend at his MeMaw's house this weekend so that mommy and daddy can get the house/yard cleaned and catch up on sleep. I am still breastfeeding, but since I have been hospitalized a couple of times, Cody will not feed at the breast any longer so I have to pump and feed him in a bottle. (he only uses the breast flow bottles though) Since the pump isn't as good as a baby, I have had to start supplementing with formula now as well. I am hoping that my milk will catch up to his feeding demands shortly. However, as of now he is being fed half breast milk and half formula so that he doesn't get backed up due to change in diet. I have been doing this for about a week now and it seems to work. Pedi is happy that he is still getting breast milk and I am happy that I don't have to try and pump twice in an hour to satisfy his hunger. Anyway, that is about it for now.

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