Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Even More Pictures

1st Swing Ride

Another 1st Swing Ride

The Many Faces Of Cody x 3

Cody had his 1st swing ride yesterday evening and seemed to enjoy it. He looked like a big boy sitting in the swing and seemed pretty comfortable in it as well. The other pictures were after his bath on his changing table. He makes such funny faces all the time. It is hard to catch them though. He makes an old man face where he wrinkles up his forehead and perches his lips that I love. He also grins a lot and I love that most of all. He had his first appt with his pediatrician yesterday and weighs 6lb 4oz now. All is well with his health and she is happy with his weight gain. I have to say that when they stuck his heel for the "diseases check" or whatever it is called, he screamed and mommy cried right along with him. It was very hard to watch and I hated every second of it. Unfortunately his missed his original appointment because mommy was in the hospital. Also, do not remember if I ever posted this so will do it now. I was concerned that Cody would have withdrawal symptoms from some of the medications I had to be on when pregnant- the good news is that Cody never had any withdrawal symptoms at all. Never showed a sign in the hospital or out of the hospital. So, we are all very happy about that :O) I am starting to feel a bit better now and am really happy about that. Cody is keeping mommy up most of the night so I have to try to sleep some during the day. That is hard when I have to pump every 3 hours and feed him every 3 hours as well. I have to stagger this so that I always have milk available when he is hungry since he is anti breast still. It is still so hard to believe that our little miracle is here! After so many years of dreaming and the disapointments over that time... Let's just say that I have to look at Cody many times a day to actually believe he is really here. We are just so happy to finally have him in our lives. Everyone always said that we would have a child when the "time was right" I disliked that expression a lot because we thought the time was right years ago. However, I have to admit that Cody was worth the wait. Kevin and I will never take Cody for granted, we know just how special he is and how hard it was waiting all of these years. We sure do love our sweet little bug!

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