Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bug Updates

As of yesterday Cody weighs ......9lb 1oz.... Can you believe that my sweet little bug is so big already???!!! Hard to believe that my little bug who weighed just 5lb 15oz at birth just 4 wks 4 days ago is so big! Makes me laugh at everyone who was "concerned" about his "low" birthweight, lol. I had to take him to his pediatrician yesterday as a followup to his Saturday night ER visit because he is having trouble having a bowel movement. He has been screaming in pain when trying to have a bowel movement. So I called the oncall nurse on Saturday morning and she told me a couple of things to do,but they did not work so she told us to take him to the children's hospital ER. We did that & they did an x-ray and saw that he was in fact "backed up" gave him a suppository and he "went". Hoping that things get better soon.

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  1. Awwww, Bless his little heart. Jimmy had an awful time with constipation when he was younger. He would eat prunes by the handful and we tried other things too with not much success. Once he got put on his tyroid replacement medication, he has been fine ever since, but that wasn't until 4th grade. Hopefully, Cody won't have any more problems. He's such a cute little guy!