Thursday, July 9, 2009


It is amazing just how much I love this little boy. My heart is completely and totally full of love for him. I can sit and watch him for hours and just sit and smile. People say that he is lucky to have me and Kevin as his parents. I disagree, I believe that we are the lucky ones to be able to be his parents. I know that God chose him specifically for us. I just hope that we can be the kind of parents that he deserves. I hope that we will always be fair and be able to give him all that he needs and most of what he wants. I am just happy being a mom. To me there is not anything better in the world than being a mom. Even when I am stumbling around in the dark half asleep and dead on my feet to feed and change him, I am loving it. When I look at this perfect little boy my heart melts and I thank God that he is mine. After many, many years of praying, wishing, dreaming and to be quite honest, begging to be a mom, I finally am. What a feeling it is.

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