Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It has been a while since I posted. Last Wednesday I started feeling really bad with horrible back pain, fever of 103.7, chills, could not get warm though I was burning up and more. Kevin called my ob in the middle of the night (which I really hated to do) I did not want to go to the hospital so he called in some antibiotics for me, however the pharmacy was closed until the next morning. I thought I had a breast infection (mastitis) Anyway, didn't get any sleep Wednesday night but felt half decent by mid morning Thursday. Well, by Thursday afternoon it was deja vu.. However, a WHOLE lot worse. I could NOT deal with the pain any more- I tried a hot shower and the pain got worse, so bad that I was screaming in pain and could not take it. Kevin called my mom who came and cared for Cody and he took me to the closest ER. When we got there I looked a total mess. I was sweaty, disheveled, in severe pain and pretty out of it. When they got me in a bed my blood pressure was sky high, my temp way up and then my blood pressure went way down to 80/40... they asked me a million questions and after blood and other not so nice things that had to be done they found that I had a bladder & kidney infection. Due to my blood pressure issues (they couldn't get my bp up no matter what they did) I was transferred by ambulance to the ICU in Austin. I stayed in ICU for 2 days while they tried to get rid of my bladder/kidney infection and raise my bp. Once they were able to raise my bp I was able to go to a regular room for the duration of my stay to receive antibiotics through an iv and all the other fun medications that I needed. I then found out that on top of my bladder/kidney infection, I also had a blood infection. So, more time in the lovely hospital. Long story short, my bp went sky high again several times which required more iv meds. Eventually I was released Monday afternoon with a prescription for blood pressure meds, antibiotics and pain medication. To say that I am happy to be home is an understatement. I missed my son very, very much. I was not allowed to have him in the ICU and then after that my mom was unable to bring him to visit me but I did get a visit with him on Sunday when my sister brought him up to see me. (Kevin was working) I have never had a bladder/kidney/uti infection or anything like that in my life- so I did not know what the symptoms were. However, I can tell you that the back pain that is caused by said infections is far worse than contractions were with Cody. I really thought I was going to die just from the pain of it all. The only conclusion that anyone can come to is that I may have gotten a bladder infection from the catheter while in the hospital having Cody and it moved on to my kidneys and then moved to my blood. So, I take more medications every day, but soon it will all be over. Yes, I still feel the back pain, but it is not near as bad as it was by far. It was absolute HELL being away from my little bug though. I couldn't sleep nor eat because my mind was always on him and also because of the severe pain I was in. (My head was also pounding constantly because of my high bp) Anyway, will post more pictures tomorrow when I have time to download them. For now I have to get to bed so that I get some sleep before my sweet little bug wakes up to be fed and changed. (and I love every minute of it)


  1. Continued prayer's for your health Christy. Glad you are back withyour Bug Cody!


  2. Oh Christy,
    What a horrible thing to happen right after you bring Cody home. The first thing I thought of when I began reading is, I bet you cried over being away from him for so long so soon! I agree, those are horrible, painful infections. I'm glad you're home and feeling better and I look forward to seeing more pictures of that little guy when you have time.
    Take Care,