Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friends & Fun

Kevin & Donnie
I do not make friends easily. Never have. I don't tend to trust many people when I first meet them. However, I have been lucky enough to meet some that I have been friends with for years. For instance, Donnie. Donnie, Kevin & my brother were all friends growing up. My sil Jennifer met my brother and they started dating, she then introduced her best friend Tiffany to Donnie. My sil and my brother married in 2001, Donnie and Tiffany also married in 2001 and then Kevin and I married in 2002. Funny how it all turned out :O) My brother and sil have 2 children and 1 on the way. Fortunately, they have never experienced a loss. Donnie & Tiffany on the other hand have. Tiffany gave birth to a beautiful little girl that they named Brooke. Brooke was born early and passed away shortly after birth. They went on to be blessed with their handsome son Wyatt. I have had many losses and now have been blessed with my little bug Cody. I feel blessed to have Donnie & Tiffany as friends. They have given so much to Cody. When Wyatt outgrows something, they pass it on to Cody. This has saved us so much money and is very much appreciated. Last night, Donnie's brother John had a get together at his house for his 32nd birthday. Donnie was there and he and Kevin had fun just talking. It was nice for the 2 friends to get together just to talk and have fun. My brother & sil did not show up, not sure why but probably because they had my niece and nephew and couldn't bring them. I was lucky that my mom kept Cody for us so that we could get out of the house. The funny thing is that when we were younger, I was taller than all the boys for quite a while. Now Kevin is 6'1 and Donnie is like 6'5. So, I have to look up at them... (I am 5'5) I hope that Cody gets his daddy's height and isn't short like me :O)

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