Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pregnancy Photos

My Miracle Cody

My Sil Jenny (due 2/17) Picture taken 9/6/09 (about 4 months)

My niece in law Katie (due 12/4) Picture taken 10/24/09 (approx 7.5 months)

Me due 7/10, picture taken 6/10 almost 36 weeks

Me again

I was just looking at pictures on my computer that I had to upload again due to a virus that I got on my computer. I think that Jenny and Katie are going to be bigger than I was (belly wise) who knows? I am just happy that I was finally able to get pregnant and have a baby. My sister in law Jenny says that her belly measurement was the same as mine when she was like 4 months along. She compared it to my baby shower measurement when I was like 36 weeks along. I wonder how much their baby's will weigh? My nephew weighed 8 lb 13oz and my niece was 8 lb 2oz. Bug was 5lb 15oz. This is Katie's first baby, so no clue what his weight will be. I enjoyed being pregnant so much and the outcome which is my little bug was definitely worth every second of it.

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