Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Not too much going on right now. Thankfully I still do not have any morning sickness. Still taking my injections 2 times a day and have started just giving them to myself now (used to only give to myself if Kevin wasn't here) Injecting myself doesn't even bother me anymore, weird how I got used to it so quickly. I have another regular ob visit on 1/19/09 but will see my specialist before then (can't remember the exact date at the moment) I think I need to buy myself one of those little doppler things so I can try to hear the baby's heartbeat while at home, that way I will be reassured on a daily basis. However, at my last appt my ob/gyn couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler so we went straight to the u/s and of course saw/heard it. I will be 13 wks on Friday 1/2/09. Getting more and more excited the further along I get. Most likely the baby will be born in June instead of July but we shall see. I haven't gained any weight yet (actually lost 3lbs) Just hoping I don't pack on tons of weight. Still think about Vlad & Ivanna daily and probably will continue to do so, I mean what is going to change? I have thought of them daily since April so it is just habit at this point and when you love someone the feelings do not just stop. I appreciate everyone who is praying for them and the new baby. Prayer can perform miracles just as God has created this little miracle. I am very happy that my friend Kristy will be bringing home her little Dasha soon. She has been waiting since April to bring her home. You can check out her blog at http://www.newboldfamilyadoption.blogspot.com/ you can also see my friend Jody's new little girl at http://www.thecampbelljourney.blogspot.com/ she just brought her little girl home from Serbia recently and she has progressed wonderfully with the help of her new family. My dad turned 54 yrs old today, I called and wished him Happy Birthday and then asked him if he was turning 60 just to mess with him. I think he almost choked on his drink, lol. Anyway Happy Birthday Dad!! See you tomorrow!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Above is a picture of my niece right after she woke up from a nap 2 wks ago at our house. I was unloading the dishwasher when she woke up, she went right to the shoes and put on a pair of my shoes to walk around in. I just had to snap this picture. (what you see on her face is her chocolate pudding that she had before nap. Well today has been a very lazy day for us. I fell asleep and slept through the time to go to church. Once I woke up church had already been in session for an hour and by the time I would get there (another hour or so) There would just be a few minutes left. So, we did not go today unfortunately. Kevin fell asleep on the couch and I fell asleep while watching I love Lucy ( I think that is what I was watching) I am really tired these days, I know it has to do with being pregnant but I am also anemic last count was 7.9 (not good) hence the double iron. I am doing really well remembering my injections, vitamins, aspirin, iron etc... However, I think the long awaited rain had something to do with my falling asleep today. I do not feel like cleaning my house at all and that is really not like me. The thought of it makes me want to go and lay down. I think Kevin is going to take down the Christmas tree today (sometime) but first he has to fix my tire since one of my tires are flat (makes 6th flat in 3 wks) I do not know what I am running over, but something has it out for my tires. I told my neighbors on one side that I am pregnant, the older woman had tears in her eyes (she knows our history) She is so sweet. Hard to believe today is almost over, it sure went quick. It is also hard to get used to the fact that Vlad & Ivanna aren't waiting for me in the next month or so. Also, my 171h came in the mail yesterday. Great timing, huh?!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vlad, Ivanna & new Baby

Please keep these 2 cuties in your prayers as well. My prayer is that they find a new home quickly and get to come HOME quickly. If they are still available once we are able to travel, we will go for them as originally planned. It is very, very hard to accept the fact that the kids that you have thought of as your own for several months now, are not yours anymore. We thank God every day for our miracle baby and that is what this baby is, a God given *Miracle* We do not always understand why God does things when he does, but we accept them. I wish that these two were home and safe right now. However, God has chosen to give us this little miracle I am carrying now instead of earlier or later and we accept God's plan. My last pregnancy ended at 11.5 wks and we have passed the 12 wk mark now. That is definitely worth celebrating! I lost the other 2 a lot later, but both my ob & my specialist believe that they have found the issue and my injections will rectify the situation. So far, so good!! I have to take 2 injections of heparin a day along with a baby aspirin, iron, prenatals, calcium and something else that I cannot remember at this moment. Our two ultrasounds have definitely been a positive experience, I have to admit I was dreading the first one. I could not believe that God had chosen to bless me with a baby. I prayed that things would be fine and they were. Kevin, my sister & I were all crying tears of joy when we saw the baby moving and saw & heard the heartbeat. My niece was just amazed that a baby was in her aunt Christy's tummy. She kept on for days touching my stomach asking if that was where the baby was at, lol. We were so happy because my last ob u/s experience was with the last miscarriage and it did not show a heartbeat. When I had my 2nd u/s at my regular Ob's office I was in awe that this little baby was moving it's little arm & leg buds and was flipping and turning over!! I was by myself at that appt since Kevin had to work. I was scared yet again that something would be wrong so I was extremely happy to see that activity going on. I know it probably sounds negative but once you have been pregnant multiple times and you go into an appt or to the hospital and there is not a heartbeat any longer, you do not KNOW the feeling. I have been very fortunate once again to have no morning sickness (never have with any pregnancy) I have lost 3 pounds though, ob was not very happy about that but I will pick it back up eventually. Probably nerves. Anyway, all for now. Please keep Vlad, Ivanna & baby Crowder-Faglie in your prayers.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Baby

11 wks 3 days

10 wks 4 days
This is my new blog and my new unborn baby. I am 12 wks today (due 7/10/09) The 2 u/s were done at 10 wks 4 days and 11 wks 3 days. The one at the top the baby kept moving around and would not stay still so the Doctor had a hard time getting a good pic of it. As you can see on the bottom u/s the baby was a lot calmer and didn't move as much. It probably has to do with the fact that I was not on blood thinners in the 1st pic but was in the 2nd. Not sure though. Kevin & I do not care if the baby is a boy or a girl, we just want a baby that is born and lives. Will post more later.