Thursday, May 19, 2011


I want to thank all of you for all of your support & love. Our life is crazy right now, but it is a good crazy. Cami is flourishing at home. The trach makes it to where you cannot hear her cry of make any noise. I have been praying that she would be able to make noise and guess what??? She coos around her trach- I can actually hear her!! It is truly an answered prayer. I have called her ENT Dr to schedule another procedure to stretch her windpipe so that eventually we can hopefully get the trach out of her. I am waiting now to get the day & time. I will let you all know when it is. As soon as I can learn to upload the video's of her "talking" to me I will put it here for all of you to see. I haven't meant to be a stranger, but we don't have internet at home and my phone doesn't show everything. So, I see today that you all were asking me questions. I did not get them when they were sent. So, I apologize for not getting back to you, I just do not have a way to unless I go to my mom's. I can text though- so I have been able to respond to text mssg's. We are just having a hard time financially right now with everything that has gone on. I had a stroke when Cody was 3 months old. So, I quit working to be a stay at home mom. Like most people we rely on one income. Kevin makes too much for any help financially. I found out that the cloth roll that Camryn needed was a 3 month supply. That is why it was so much. When Cami was released from the hospital I was given 3 company names that I could order her supplies from. Most are covered my medicaid (thank you Jesus) But, as I am finding out- not all is covered. We will get her first SSI check on June 1st. It will be $250.00 a month. That will definitely help with the things that are not covered by medicaid. All in all Cami is doing great though! Her lazy eye is getting a bit stronger as well. We put a patch on her good eye for 2 hours a day. She definitely has bad vision in her lazy eye. When she is wearing her eye patch, she reaches for toys or hands or whatever is there but her depth perception is off. She usually misses the toy. However when she first came home and had the eye patch on she couldn't see anything. she didn't even reach for it. So, now that she is actually able to see something in that eye- she is getting better daily. Cami is such a happy, laid back baby. When we first got her home she didn't want to be touched. She was happy laying in her crib or bouncer or whatever, However once you picked her up she would start crying and not stop until you put her back down. She likes to be held now though :O) Between family and her nurses she gets held quite a bit. Her neck is getting stronger as well! We have been working with her and her physical therapist and it is paying off. (her phys therapist has only had 1 session with her so far) She can turn on both of her sides and has turned completely over by herself 1 time!! She has 2 top teeth coming in, but they are coming in very slowly. Anyway, I have to go Cami is at the house with the nurse and I have to get back there. Cody had an appt this morning so we left to go to Austin. I try not to take Cami to the Doctor's office because I don't want her sick again. Will take more pictures with my phone and send them to my Aunt (Brenda Upton Crowder) and ask her to post them so that you can see her) She weighs about 16 pounds now and is a chunky little girl. I apologize for asking for financial help. You have all helped so much. Someone wanted my mailing address. My address is PO Box 212, Dale, Tx 78616. I read where someone was a little angry with me for asking for help. I hated to do it, but didn't know what else to do. My mom & stepdad are having a hard time financially due to him being laid off. So, they now depend on one income. If they had the money they would help but they do not. Well, have to go. I will read my mssg's when I can come back and use the internet at my mom's. My phone number (if you want to text) is 512-216-0752. I am trying to get it back on now. I haven't had the money to pay the bill. However, it will still receive text mssg's for now) Will update when I can. I did take the number for supplies to get it cheaper, I ordered 2 rolls so that will do 2 months worth. Thank you all again for everything.