Monday, June 29, 2009

June 26th & 27th

Robert & Cody

Me & Cody

Tim & Cody

Me & Jess

Jess & Cody

Some of these were taken on 6/26 and some on 6/27

June 26, 2009

Our Nephew Bryce & Cody (Wynell's Son)

Kevin's sister Wynell & Cody

Kevin's Sister in Law Judy (Jesse's wife) & Cody

Kevin's Brother Jesse & Cody

Me, Kevin & Cody

All of these pictures were taken the day Cody was born

June 26, 2009

Me & My Beautiful Bug Cody

Me, Kevin & Cody

Bug 2 hours old

Bug 40 minutes old

Bug 30 minutes old

June 26, 2009

Bug Being Weighed (approx 30 minutes old)

Bug getting cleaned & braceleted (approx 30 minutes old)

Me, Bug & My Wonderful OB

Bug in the warmer getting measured, dressed, bracleted & cleaned

Bug with Aunt Jenny

Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 26, 2009

Bug in nursery being checked over

Daddy Holding Cody for the 1st time

Another Pic of Daddy holding Cody for the 1st time

Daddy, Memaw (My mom) & My OB

Kevin, Cody & My wonderful OB

June 26, 2009

All of these are pictures my of my beautiful Bug Cody at just a few minutes old.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cody Joe is Here!!

It's Kristy again, updating for Christy.
Cody was born this morning at 10:29 a.m., so Christy's regular doctor was able to deliver him.

He weighs 5 lbs. 15 ozs. and is 19 3/4 long.
He is doing great! Christy says he looks like her.
I can't wait to see pictures!

They should both be going home on Sunday.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Christy is at the Hospital Now...

Hi everyone. This is Kristy Newbold. Christy asked me to update her blog for her as she has gone into the hospital early. She went in due to severe back pain. Upon being checked out, she was already 100% effaced. While she was there her blood pressure went up, possibly due to the pain. But they have kept her there and she is in a labor/delivery room currently.

The plan is to induce labor later tonight due to the blood pressure issue being a risk. She is really nervous and upset because it will not be her regular doctor that she knows, trusts, and has a history with.

I know that she would greatly appreciate your prayers. I will update more when I hear something new.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 23, 2009 ~3 Days Left~ 37 Wks 4 Days

Sorry I could not post yesterday. My Internet was acting up and wouldn't let me on. This morning it is acting funny but at least I can get on it. I had my appointment yesterday and all is well. I have dilated to a "1" and I am thinning nicely. Bug is in the "perfect" position and we are good to go. I do not have to go in on Thursday because of all of the above. So, I have to be at the hospital at 6am on Friday 6/26 and will be induced at 7:30am. I am getting more and more excited about bug's upcoming arrival. The only concern that I have is that there are many medications that I have had to be on for my entire pregnancy that Bug is going to have to withdrawal from (he will only withdrawal from one per the Dr). I know that the withdrawal is not going to be easy on him and I wish that I could save him from that, but the medication he will withdrawal from was not an optional drug. I feel absolutely horrible that my little guy will be born and have to "withdrawal" from anything. Makes me feel like a horrible mom already because his start in life is going to be rough on him. Once he is born the neonatologist will help get him adjusted. Please keep my little bug in your prayers that it isn't going to be too hard on his little body. (like I said before, it was not an optional medication) Here is a picture of my u/s yesterday. Not a very good one because of Bug's position, but it is something. My ob tried to get a better picture but could not. He also had his legs crossed and would not let the Dr look at his private area,lol. He passed his non-stress test in 8 minutes as well- he was not in the mood to be squished with the "wrap" things. Anyway, I posted a picture of myself since Kevin was not home when I was dressed in order to take a picture of me yesterday. So, enjoy my self portrait,lol.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Off Topic

I am sure that many of you know that Kevin and I were adopting 2 beautiful children with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe. When we found out that we were pregnant with Cody, we had to release them back for adoption because due to my being such high risk, I could not get my regular or high risk Ob to clear me for travel. Especially international travel. So, with broken hearts we had to release the children so that they could be adopted by other families. We lost money, lots of money actually. Anyway, we were thankful when both children had new families commit to them. While it hurt our hearts that we were not God's plan for them, we were happy none the less that they would not be sent to a mental institution due to having Down Syndrome. The family that committed to adopt sweet Ivanna (Kacy to us) has decided not to bring her home. They believe that she has some behavioral issues that would be incompatible with their family. When I saw/met her a year ago I did not see/notice any of these behaviors, but they could be newly learned. Now we have some decisions to make. I love this little girl and would love to bring her home. However, we have to take in the fact that I will have to tote Cody to a foreign land because of breastfeeding and also because I will NOT leave him behind without me. Also, the financial end of it all. I am not working and money is tight, so how to go about it? Anyway, please keep Sweet Ivanna in your prayers for me please. Thank you

June 22, 2009 ~4 More Days~ 37 Wks 3 Days

Hard to believe that THIS WEEK I will finally see my sweet Bug's face. This is something that I have dreamed about for years. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions off and on. I do hope that Cody does hold out until Friday for his scheduled induction because that is when everyone has taken off of work to be there. (Kevin, My Mom, My sister & My sil in the room and everyone else out of the room) I was there when my nephew and niece made their way into the world and I loved every minute of it. My nephew was a surprised little boy coming into the world and my niece was an angry little grumpy girl. Her facial expression was priceless. I just hope that Cody comes the regular way and that I do not have to have a c-section. Here are some pictures that were taken at my baby shower at my mom's job. I hope I can get them big enough so that you can see them. They were taken with a cell phone (I believe) *Mom, I will not take the ones with you off either* *Also, the thing poking out of my stomach is a knot- I have many of them from my heparin injections*

Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21, 2009 *Happy Father's Day* 5 Days Left

Kevin kissing his son

My favorite wild lizard

Happy Father's Day to all. Today we went to church but we had to leave after the 2nd hour due to my being really dizzy. We came home and I went to sleep for a little bit and woke up feeling quite a bit better. We made it through Sacrament meeting & Sunday School, but I missed Relief Society and Kevin missed his Priesthood meeting. Everyone is excited that Cody will be here shortly. Mommy and Daddy especially :O) I bought Kevin a beautiful card and a t-shirt for Father's Day. The picture above is of Kevin kissing my stomach/Cody. He does this all the time and I thought it would be a nice picture to post today. I also posted a picture of a lizard that hangs out around the house all the time. He is such a big guy :O)The other's are pictures that were taken today. That is it for now- Hope you all have a great day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20, 2009 ~6 More Days~ 37 Wks 1 Day

Only 6 more days until I get to see my beautiful bug :O) Hard to believe that in less than one week I will see his little face. Will he look like his mom? Will he look like his dad? Will he be a combination? Will he look like a family member? I just cannot wait to see his beautiful face. I hope he has his daddy's lips, they are long and full. My lips are small and thin. However, I hope he has his mommy's ears because his daddy's ears were too big as a child. (yes, Kevin agrees *lol*) However, how God makes him will be absolutely perfect :O) Unfortunately I was unable to post yesterday, I was gone all day long and by the time I got home I literally fell into bed and went to sleep not waking until this morning. I went to my sil's first OB appt. Her OB did an ultrasound, but she is so early in her pregnancy that the Dr could not see the baby at all (not even a speck) we saw a very tiny gestational sac, but couldn't see the baby. The sac wouldn't even register on the u/s for dates. So, OB told her that she is probably just 3-4 wks along, 5 would be pushing it. So, she has to go back in 2 wks for another u/s to get a due date. She has known she is pregnant for a week & a half. So, she knew really, really early on. I was hoping to at least see a baby in the u/s but didn't get to. Anyway, did that and went to the Salvation Army and bought a boppy pillow, booster seat and a stuffed Care Bear for bug. I know that the booster seat is way off, but I got all 3 things for $7.01. Definitely cannot beat the price. It was half off day, so I was pleasantly surprised. I am washing the boppy pillow now and will spray it with Lysol and will wipe the booster seat down with Clorox wipes and store it. I sure do love getting great deals! A friend of my mom's at work made bug a beautiful handmade quilt. It is yellow with Care Bears and other little animals on it. I am so happy to receive it, it truly means a lot when someone makes something for you. Bug has received so much and we are truly grateful for each and every thing that he receives. You know your child is truly loved when people care so much about him. I am not saying that it is always in the form of a gift, but just kind words mean a lot to us. I am posting a picture of the new quilt and also of the zucchini and green tomatoes that my dad gave me out of his garden. I have eaten quite a few of the green tomatoes though, so there are not many left and one of them is already turning orange *darn* Will try to take a picture of them after I cook them too. I want to thank all of you for all of the comments all of these months, they mean a ton to us. We cannot wait to introduce our bug to all of you. (or as my dad calls him... "coyote")

Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18, 2009 ~36 Wks 6 Days~ 8 More Days~

Another day closer to holding my sweet bug in my arms. So hard to believe that it is getting so much closer. I know that I have to be at the hospital at 6am on Friday 6/26 and will be induced around 7:30am. Of course that is if I do not have to go in the day before to get my cervix "ripened" I will know if I have to go in on Thursday (the day before being induced) at my next appointment which is next Tuesday. So, we shall see... Today I am 32 years old... Hard to believe that the years are just flying by,lol. My birthday and bug's birthday will be so close and every year my birthday gift will be my beautiful son :O) Kevin and I are going out to eat tonight for my birthday as well. Will post a picture of the two of us that we will take tonight. My mom took these pictures of us together in front of her house tonight. They turned out pretty well I think :O) I sure do love my husband, I am more than blessed to have him in my life.