Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kevin's Family

Kevin's brother Steve
Kevin's nephew Bryce & His Dad Robert (Wynell's son & Husband)

Kevin's nephew (Steve's son) and his wife Katie

Kevin's sister Wynell

Kevin's mom Shirley
Someone asked me for pics of Kevin's family. Kevin has 5 brothers and 1 sister. He is the only child between his mom and dad. His dad had 4 boys with his first wife and his mom had a boy (Steve) and girl (Wynell) with her first husband. Kevin was a definite surprise as his siblings were all 19 yrs old and older when he came along. This was Christmas at his mom's with her kids. Steve, his son Cory & Cory's wife Katie, Wynell, her husband Robert and their son Bryce. (Wynell also has a son, Louis with her first husband who now has children of his own, he was not there this year) So, this is Kevin's mom and 2 of his siblings. Kevin's father passed away when Kevin was 13 yrs old. Anyway, I hope to get more pictures of the rest of his family shortly that I can post as well. Kevin is a spitting image of his father and his brother Jessie is the same. Will hopefully be able to post more pics later.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update to below post

Also, yesterday when the Dr was doing the u/s. The baby pushed itself up a little bit using it legs and I think I saw a little boy part. Dr would not say, because he wants to wait until my high risk ob does my anatomy scan on 2/20. However, I think it was a boy part I saw. Imagine my surprise since I thought this was a little girl I was carrying. Of course I am not an ultrasound expert by any means, so it really could have been anything. Like the umbilical cord or something. Regardless if the baby is a boy or girl, we are happy and just want a healthy live baby. Kevin nor I have a gender preference. So, we shall see


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

16 weeks 5 days

I had an appt today (unexpected one) and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat and also had an ultrasound. Above is my little bug today at 16 wks 5 days. The arrow is pointing to the baby's head (which the baby was moving) You can see the spine, ribs (basic side profile of neck to rear end) This isn't a very good u/s picture. However, I am very happy to have it. All is good so far!! Will find out the sex on 2/20... Cannot wait for that day!

My Friend Kristy and Her New Baby Girl, Dasha

The little girl above is sweet Dasha. My friend Kristy is in her country right now and will be bringing her home in the next week. Kristy has been in love with this little girl since we all met her in April of last year on a humanitarian aide trip. Kristy and her husband just brought home their little boy (John Paul) last July and went back in December for their little angel. She has grown to be just the prettiest little girl ever!! I cannot get over how much she has changed since last April. Please keep Kristy and Dasha in your prayers that they will have a safe and uneventful trip home.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not really much to talk about...

I am just super excited thinking about my February 20th ultrasound appt! I cannot wait to see my little bug again! Kevin, my mom, my sister and myself will all be at that appointment. I maxed out my guest list, lol. While I am super excited about possibly finding out the sex (of course baby has to cooperate) I am even more excited just thinking about seeing my little one again. Kevin lays his head on my stomach every night and talks to the baby and also puts his hand there and swears he feels the baby moving ( I think it is just my stomach gurgling or something) However, he thinks it is the baby so I will let him continue thinking that. Who knows? Maybe it is the baby. I haven't felt the baby move anymore, I wish the little bug would move soon for me. Have a great day!!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Are You Kidding Me??

Okay, so maybe I am completely blind to fashion, but really!? I have a friend who I will call "J" So, J emails me this picture and is sooooo excited that she has found and purchased these boots. Apparently she has been looking for quite a while to find these hideous things. Apparently they are quite the fashion these days. They are "uggs" and are ugly as sin to me, however, J just found them at such a bargain... Are you ready for her "bargain" price? $240.00 and she got free shipping! Well, heck yeah she got free shipping the seller saw her coming a mile away. So, am I the only one that find these things hideous??? I think about how many nice pairs of shoes she could have bought with $240.00. Especially in THIS economy!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

16 Weeks Today

**WOW** I am 16 wks today, I am so excited!! I like the picture of the baby on the top of the blog. Makes it more "real" to see a baby at this stage in the game. I still feel great and do not feel ill at all. I can still fit into most of my clothes (except my jeans, I had to start leaving them unbuttoned) I have gained a total of 1 pound. I gain, then I lose. So, at this point in the game I am 1 pound more than when I started. However, the last trimester will beef me up pretty quickly. I haven't felt the baby move again yet but cannot wait for another movement. I know that feeling the baby this early was just a gift from God because he knew I needed it that day. I have refused all genetic testing because if something is "wrong" with the baby, it will not matter to us. The baby is ours regardless and nothing will make us terminate this pregnancy or give our baby up. So, it does not matter. My OB completely understands this so has not pushed me on it. However, at every ultrasound so far the baby is measuring fine and there have not been any indicators that something is not going right. I will know more at my 20 wk u/s on 2/20. However, as I have said before we will take whatever God gives us and will not have a problem with it as he will not give us more than we can handle. I will just feel blessed to have a live child to love. God has given me the greatest gift he possibly could other than giving me life. He has blessed me with a very supportive family, a wonderful husband, beautiful pets, a great church and wonderful friends. All of the above have touched my life and continue to do so daily. God led me to my husband that I am 100% sure of. Kevin accepts me with any and all flaws and loves me unconditionally. I am blessed with wonderful pets that God lets me keep, my pets restore my heart and keep me sane. I see the love of God every time I interact with one of my dogs or cats. (not to say they never stress me out, but the good far outweighs the bad) He has blessed me with wonderful friends, for which I do not know how I would have made it without them the last few months when I was ill. My childhood was not perfect by any means but it could have been worse. God gave me to my family because he knew that I needed them to become who I am today and I hope to be able to pass the positives of my upbringing to my child. I know God does not make mistakes so I know that he is giving us this specific child for a reason. We still want to adopt and will continue on that plan once that baby is born and we get the go ahead from God that it is time. Please keep us and our baby in your prayers. Please keep all orphans in your prayers and last but not least by any means. Please keep all animals in your prayers as well.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long Hard Road

As I sit here day after day I think about just how lucky I am to be pregnant again. I never thought it would happen again and if it did, certainly not without medical intervention. While I am sad to have let Vlad & Ivanna go I am ecstatic about this new baby. This baby is truly a miracle, a true gift from God. I do not know what I have done to deserve such a gift, but I am grateful for it. Every day that I wake up I thank God for this baby. I am a more positive person every day that I am pregnant. I even give myself a shot 2 times a day with a smile on my face. I know to some that getting pregnant and having a child is just their "right" and is within their ability. I hope they understand just how lucky they are, after several losses I know just how special a child is. Hard to believe that I will be 16 wks on Friday. It is just flying by for me. While I cannot wait to meet my child, I am happy just being pregnant with him/her. We went back and forth on whether or not to find out the sex of the baby and we did decide to find out. If we are blessed again with another pregnancy we probably will not. However, with this one we have a "need" to know. I think that need it also my "need" to buy the baby things, lol. Anyway, please continue to keep the baby in your prayers.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Dr Appointment Today

I had a regular OB appt today. Listened to the baby's heartbeat and it was nice and strong. Uterus is growing well per my OB. My blood pressure is great and I lost a pound. Also, I was not dehydrated this time, so that is fantastic as well. It is hard to get 64 0z of water down in a day. (at least it is for me) I have another regular OB appt on 2/16. I will not have an ultrasound at that appointment. But will have one at my High Risk OB's office the day I am 20wks. That will be 2/20/09. That will be an anatomy scan and I will know if the baby is a boy or a girl and they will do more measurements to be sure the baby is still on target. (hopefully that baby will let us see him/her's genitals, lol)

Had a great time with my family yesterday as well!!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Family Get Together #4

Me & Julia
My "uncle" Rick & his Girlfriend (he is not really an uncle, but has been there my whole life)

Cousin Shauna, My brother Bobby, Me & My Cousin Stephanie

Ricky, Artie, Stephanie & Austin (Artie is my uncle and Stephanie is his daughter)
As you can see from all the pictures that I posted we had a great family get together. It is very rare that we are able to get everyone together at the same time. My Aunt Della is visiting from Ohio (where my Dad's family is from) My Uncle Artie, Cousin Stephanie & her boys live north of Dallas (6.5 hours away from us) My cousin Shauna lives about 1.5 hours away (not too far) and the rest are just hard to get together. My sister and her fiance did not make it (no good reason as to why not) Kevin had to work so he was unable to be there. Me, my brother, my sister, Shauna & Stephanie grew up together. We were all very close growing up and it was nice to be together again today (besides my sister who did not show up) I do have other cousins that didn't make it, but the really important 2 did make it and I am very grateful for that. Shauna & Stephanie are only 3 wks apart in age and are 5 yrs younger than I am. Stephanie is pregnant with her 3rd boy who is due on May 18th. I enjoyed being able to get pictures of my Grandma and all of her kids together. We haven't been able to get a picture with six of her kids together in many years. As you can tell Julia and I are close and she always wants to get a picture with me, she is such a cute little Bug. She always presses on my stomach asking "is the baby right here?" today she did the same to Stephanie, lol. Robert, Julia, Ricky & Austin were all fast friends and had a blast chasing each other around and playing. My nephew was not in the mood for pictures today. We had to basically force him to be in any of the pictures today. Oh well, must be a phase. He has also decided that he doesn't like hamburgers as well. So he had a "chili" sandwich instead. Anyway, that is about it. We had a great time and I am very thankful for it.

Family Get Together #3

Me & Julia
My Cousin Shauna & her Dog Ginger

My Dad, Grandma, Me & my Brother

My Dad, Brother & nephew, Robert (All named the same thing Sr, II & III)

My Grandma & all of her kids in birth order

Family Get Together #2

My Grandma's kids in birth order. Jr, Della, James, Dad, Donald & Artie
Austin, Ricky & Julia (Austin & Ricky are my cousin Stephanie's boys)

My cousin Shauna, Della & Ginger (Shauna is my cousin, Della my aunt & Ginger, Shauna's dog)

My Aunt Helen, Cousin Shauna & Uncle JR (Shauna with her mom & dad)

Family Get Together #1

My Dad
My Grandma

Me & Julia

Jenny (my sil) & Julia.... they were taking down a playscape and it hit her in the face *ouch*

My Uncle Donald & Uncle JR


My friend Kristy is in Ukraine right now waiting out her 10 day wait to bring her little girl home. She is there alone. Her husband had to come home to go back to work (he stayed as long as he could, this is their 2nd adoption in one year and he was very lucky to get off work long enough to do the visiting and court for the 2nd one) Anyway, just like our economy is in the toilet here, it is as well there (may even be worse there) She is in one of the poorer regions of Ukraine and many people are jobless and many banks have been robbed since she has been there. She is in a safe flat and has a nice driver that walks her to her door. However, I still worry about her being there by herself. Please keep her in your prayers. Please pray for her safety & health and add in that she makes her flight back on time with her little girl.

Thank you very much!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Blessed Day

Eddie, Willie & Maggie
These are some of my pets. The top are Eddie, Willie & Maggie and below one of my cat's Lenny. (ignore the chew marks on the foot board of the bed, Maggie did that when she was a puppy)
I love all of my pets. They bring so much joy (and hassle) into my life.
Today has been a great day. I went to my mom's house for a bit and ate lunch and then talked with my sister for a while. Also, got to "talk" with my friend Kristy while she is in Ukraine adopting her little girl. Have to admit I haven't gotten any housework done today. Will try to get it done tonight. Tomorrow my Aunt Della is going to be down from Ohio and everyone is meeting at my Grandma's house. So, I will be able to see almost the entire side of my dad's family and that will be nice. I will post pictures once I get home. My cousin Stephanie and her 2 kids will be there (she is pregnant with her 3rd little boy now) She is due in May and then she will have her tubes tied. She has 2 beautiful little boys now. I cannot wait to find out what I am having. I think it is a little girl, but very well may be a boy. However, I probably will not know for another month. I have an appt on Monday but I don't think the Dr will be doing a u/s so most likely will not be able to find out then. I am 15 wks and I know other people have found out sooner. I honestly do not care what sex the baby is, just want a healthy baby. I just have a "feeling" that the baby is a girl though. My mom thinks the baby will be a boy. We shall see. I have gained a total of 2 pounds so far. Not bad, when I was pregnant with Charity I gained like 70lbs. Trying with all my might to keep weight gain down. Still eating a lot, but eating healthy stuff and leaving taco cabana alone. When I was pregnant with Charity I ate Taco Cabana every single day (I used to work down the street from one) However, I need to quit making home made brownies (yes from scratch, I do not like boxed mixes) I think the 2 pounds came from the last batch of brownies, lol. Anyway, that is about it around here, have a great day!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Disturbing Article

U.S. school segregation on the rise: report
Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:22pm EST
ATLANTA (Reuters) - Black and Latino students are educated in U.S. schools that are increasingly segregated, said a report Wednesday that undercuts optimism about race in America surrounding the presidency of Barack Obama.
Blacks and Hispanics are more separate from white students than at any time since the civil rights movement and many of the schools they attend are struggling, said the report by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California.
A 2007 Supreme Court decision on voluntary desegregation is likely to intensify the trend because it reduces pressure on local authorities to promote school desegregation, said the report, which called on Obama to address the issue.
Obama, who will take the oath of office Tuesday, will be the county's first black president.
"It would be a tragedy if the country assumed from the Obama election that the problems of race have been solved, when many inequalities are actually deepening," said Gary Orfield, co-director of the Civil Rights Project.
Orfield said these trends were "the result of a systematic neglect of civil rights policy and related educational and community reforms for decades."
Part of the reason is demographic. As the percentage of white students shrinks -- they now make up 56 percent of the school population -- they are more integrated with students who are nonwhite.
Another factor is that residential segregation, on the rise in many parts of the country, increasingly determines the racial composition in schools in the absence of measures by education authorities to create and maintain integrated schools, Orfield said.
At the same time, Orfield said little had been done in recent years to prosecute violations of the Fair Housing Act, which forbids discrimination in the allocation of housing and was set up to foster equality in the housing market.
As a result of the trend, 39 percent of black students and 40 percent of students from the fast-growing Latino minority are increasingly isolated in schools in which there is little racial mixing, the report said.
Evidence that U.S. schools are becoming less racially integrated is politically charged because school integration was a basic goal of the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King in the 1950s and 1960s.
That movement was in part triggered by a landmark Supreme Court decision in 1954 that decreed school segregation in the South was inherently unequal, did irreversible harm to black students and violated the constitution.
The report also found that the average black and Latino student is now in a school that has nearly 60 percent of students from families who are near or below the poverty line.
Schools marked by racial segregation and poverty tend to have weaker teaching forces, more student instability and a higher percentage of students from homes where English is not spoken -- factors that militate against academic achievement.
(Editing by Tom Brown and David Wiessler)

Here is why I find this article disturbing... (I know a lot may not agree, however this is MY blog and therefore am free to speak MY opinion)
I live in a very small town that is a mix of White, Black & Hispanic. However, the larger town near us that our children would go to school is largely Hispanic. My children would HAVE to attend that school district because it is based on where you live. When I was growing up I lived in another small town called Pflugerville. (which is not small anymore) There was also a mixture of different races when I was growing up. Our school district was a very nice one and there were not any "race" issues at all. Pretty much everyone got along. We all went to that school district because, again that is where we lived. When I was in High School there was a very large section 8 housing unit built and we had tons more people move in. They were of all different races. Our High School started going down hill and fast. Why you ask? Well, the new people started writing on walls, spray painting the building, breaking into cars. Were they all one race or another? no. Then they started busing in more kids from other school districts and it got even worse. So, my problem with the above article is that they are making it sound like "white" people are keeping others out. It is not so, you go to school based on where you live. They are busing in more and more people to other school districts and then the kids in that school district suffer for it. Am I saying that all bussed kids are bad? Of course not, but I can tell you from my experience growing up it was HORRIBLE that our school went downhill so fast. Before the bussed kids came in we had a nice mixture of all races and though there were some problems, it was nothing like what was "bussed" into our district. Where as before the busing and section 8 housing started coming into the district a fight was so rare and unheard of that if one did break out the whole school watched it because it NEVER happened. I think there may have been 2 or 3 fights from my freshman-junior years total. My senior year when all the busing in and section 8 people started there were fights DAILY. So, though I wish my children could go to a different school district, I am pretty much stuck with the school district that I live and pay taxes in. Which is the main reason that we plan on home schooling. ** I would also like to add that the town I grew up in was not a "rich" town either, there were plenty of poor people, my family being one of them** I just wish that if they were going to "bus" kids into another district that the kids actually deserve it and not just bus out their thugs and riff raff everywhere else. I would also like to add that from my freshman to junior year there was only 2 girls that were visibly pregnant. My senior year there were over 25 of them.......

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bit The Bullet

We have been married since August 23, 2002 and what have I FINALLY done you ask? I bit the bullet and changed my name to just Kevin's last name. Why did I do that? Basically so it would be easier for our children growing up. I was going to do it once Vlad & Ivanna came home but since that has been put on hold and I have to redo all my paperwork anyway I just went ahead and did it so when this little one is born it is all done and over with. It wasn't Kevin pushing for it either (though he sure is happy about it) I decided to do it all on my own. Kevin never understood why I didn't just do it before. I honestly just didn't feel like waiting down at the Social Security office and then the DMV in Austin. The waits at both places are HOURS long. However, yesterday I learned from people at work that I could go to the SS office and DMV in San Marcos and the lines are a lot shorter. I went to the SS office first and waited about an hour (not bad considering Austin wait is more like 4-6 hours) and then went to the DMV where I was the NEXT person in line. So was in and out of DMV in 15 minutes!! WOW! So, I waited 6.5 years dreading an all day event when I could have just gone to San Marcos and have it all done in 1 hour and 15 minutes!! So, if even of you live in the Austin or surrounding areas- San Marcos is TONS better and faster than Austin. However, now I have to get my name at work changed and my health insurance card changed ( I guess work will send that through) Also, today is a very happy day for my friend Kristy and her husband, Rick and their now TWO children John Paul and now DASHA!! They had court today and now are just waiting for their 10 day wait to be over and they will bring sweet, long awaited Dasha HOME!! You can follow their blog at

Have a GREAT day!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Husband

Have I ever mentioned what a wonderful husband I have? We have been married since August 2002, though we have known each other since we were kids. (he was/is my little brother's best friend) Funny how time changes things! When we were younger, I hated all of my brother's friends and most of the time hated my brother too, lol. They were all annoying, loud and obnoxious and I wanted nothing to do with any of them. I used to dread when I saw them all pulling up in the driveway on their bikes. Fast forward quite a few years, I had just come out of a very long term relationship that ended badly and Kevin was living in the guest house at my dad's house. (Kevin was 19 yrs old) Yes, he was paying rent, lol. Anyway, we went out to eat a few times and just hung out as friends and Kevin kept asking me out on dates and I kept turning him down. He WAS my brother's best friend and he WAS a just a kid to me. ( I am almost 4 yrs older) Anyway, long story short (ha) I agreed to go out on a date and lo and behold actually had fun! We started talking daily (I lived an hour away) and seeing each other as often as we could. (all of this while no one in my family knew about it) Anyway, we enjoyed each other's company and became boyfriend & girlfriend. Then after about a year of dating we were married, just a simple ceremony with our reception at Olive Garden. I think we shocked everyone, I mean who would have believed that we would end up together? We couldn't believe it either, lol. Kevin is loving, caring, faithful, attentive, charming, reliable and a hard worker. He has his days where I cannot stand him, but I think every relationship has those days :o) He is a definite improvement over my ex who was none of the things above. (well, I am sure he was charming but that was to other women) When I mentioned adoption to Kevin he never questioned the why of it. Actually, he brought it up first a long time ago. When I mentioned that I wanted to adopt 2 children with Down Syndrome it took him just a day to think about it before coming to me and saying that if I could handle 2 children with DS, then he could as well. He is a very loving person and accepts me with all my flaws, weight issues, animals and attitude. I love my husband very much and thank God daily for him. Since we found out that I am pregnant (and since I am high risk) Kevin is even more attentive than before and helps around the house daily. The last 2 days he has been the one to wash the dishes and even cooked breakfast yesterday morning. Kevin works very hard for a living and takes care of the yard (3.5 acres) the trash, the dogs, cleaning the dog building, cleaning the inside & outside of both of our cars and the litter boxes. He has always tried to cook before but since he tries to cook everything on high I kicked him out of the kitchen, so it was nice yesterday morning when he got up and cooked breakfast w/o cooking on high and the breakfast was wonderful! Then he cleaned the kitchen afterwards. May not sound like a lot, but on top of everything else he does it was very sweet of him to just do it all w/o me even asking him. Am I saying he is perfect? of course not but he sure is nice to have around.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well, today was not my best day for sure. As I was going outside this morning to start my car for it to warm up I slipped and fell down the steps. I landed on my rear end and hip. So, my rear end hurt, my back hurt, my hip hurt and the worst of all was I started cramping pretty badly. I came back inside and laid on my bed for a bit hoping the cramping would subside but it did not. I called my Dr's ofc, but my Dr is off on Thursdays so the other Dr's nurse told me to come in for an emergency appt. I get there and they found the baby's heartbeat with the doppler and my cervix is still closed and no bleeding. THANK GOD! Dr thinks that all the pain/cramping was just the ligaments that were stretched when I made the sudden impact. I wish they would have done an ultrasound, because that would have calmed me a lot more than just the doppler, but they did not :o( Anyway, once I get out of my Dr appt, my sister in law calls and tells me that my brother is going in for emergency surgery to remove his appendix. So, I spent the rest of the day at the hospital until he came out of surgery okay. So, it has been a VERY long day (and painful) for me. However, I am thankful to God that the baby is okay, I can handle pain as long as the baby is a-okay.

Christy & Bug due 7/10/09

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It is very hard to have to "let go" of Vlad and Ivanna after loving them for so long. I knew it would be hard, but didn't realize HOW hard it would be. They both have new committed families now and for that, I am grateful. I hope that they are great families and that the kids will be happy there and well cared for. I have learned to never question God's decisions, as there is always are reason for them. Many times in my life I have questioned his actions/ decisions when it came to my life. I was angry when my daughter Charity was stillborn, I was angry when my son Gage was stillborn and I was angry when I had the last miscarriage at 11.5 weeks in 2002. Though I believed in and loved God, I didn't understand the "why" of it all. It took quite a while to realize that I should quit asking "why" and just accept that God has his reasons for everything. Our adoption journey began this time last year when I found 2 beautiful little boys that we would have loved to adopt. I went to see these 2 little boys and they had already been transferred (went on a humanitarian aide trip) That trip is when I met handsome Vlad and saw beautiful Ivanna. My heart was gone with those 2 little ones. When I got back I contacted Andrea because I didn't know if she knew those 2 beautiful little ones and lo and behold she did. I also got great news that they were the recipient of a grant. So, with my home study completed, we got all of our other paperwork together. Then I dumped my entire dossier into a hot soapy sinkful of water and had to redo more paperwork, sigh. However, the main issue was getting my ins approval. I sent in my application in July and they apparently never received it, so had to resend again and had more issues with both Kevin and I getting our fingerprints taken. (had to do mine twice) Anyway, around this time I had 2 surgeries, one to remove a tumor on my right ovary & they had to end up removing the ovary and then to remove my appendix, scar tissue and repair a hernia. So, after 2 surgeries we were only waiting on one little thing, my 171h. Then I found out I was pregnant which is a miracle from God. Will not go into all of that, but lets just say I never thought it would happen again. Though I am on heparin 2 times a day and other medications to keep me from losing this baby I am very happy and thankful to God for this little miracle. The only issue is that both my ob and my high risk ob have barred me from traveling, that led to us having to let our 2 little ones go for another family to adopt so that they would not be transferred to a mental institution. After releasing these 2 little ones for adoption again to another family my 171h came in (what timing) So, I now have a completed current dossier but now cannot travel. I have quit asking "why" though because I know that God knows what he is doing. I cannot wait to hold this little miracle in my arms and once all is well for me and baby we will once again get all updated again for another dossier (or, that is the plan. God may have another for us, who knows?) Since both Vlad & Ivanna (who both share my heart equally) have committed families, I know that God must have 2 other angels in mind for us. I met so many beautiful children with DS in their country and all were beautiful and all deserve a home. So, once this beautiful baby of ours is born we will begin looking for 2 more angels to fill our hearts, home & life. We may want to have an older child (4 or older) while having a younger one that will be closer in age to the new baby (1-2 yrs) but only God knows who we will be parents to. I guess enough rambling, will go on with my day.

Please pray that Vlad & Ivanna will have a wonderful life with their new families and all will be well in their life

Christy & Little Bug who is due 7/10/09

Saturday, January 3, 2009

13 Weeks 1 Day & Vlad & Ivanna

Well, I have a lot to be happy about.
1. Vlad & Ivanna both have new committed families!!
2. I am 13 wks and 1 day pregnant and all is going GREAT

So, I found out today that Vlad & Ivanna both have a new committed family. That is great news because I was really worried about them being transferred. Though they still may be transferred soon, they will have a new family coming after them. That keeps my stress level down some. I am sad they will not be coming home with us, but I am thrilled they are coming home, period. How does that take stress off of me? Well, I do not have to worry about them daily and also I do not have to rush around after this baby is born trying to get all my paperwork together in a panic to rush to the kid's country. So, it has all worked out wonderfully!! I just hope that their families get to them quickly. My cousin is pregnant with her 3rd baby and is due May 18th and will finding out the sex of her baby on Monday, she has 2 little boys now so I am hoping she will have a little girl. She doesn't really care one way or the other but this will be her last baby (getting her tubes tied) so I do hope she has a little girl this time. (however, having another boy will be a lot less expensive for her since she has all boy things, lol) Anyway, that is about all for now
Have a GREAT day!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, I slept in the new year (just like I did last year as well) so that was fun :o) Today Kevin and I went to my brother's house for a BBQ (which I ended up just cooking burgers/sausage, potato salad and beans in the house) So, not much of a BBQ, lol. Took a nap on my brother's couch while he and Kevin watched some movie. Then went by Kevin's mom's house and visited with her and his brother Steve for a bit then went by my dad's house to visit for few minutes with him, my sister & her fiance Tim. Then headed home to get an injection & let the dogs out for a bit. So, the day was nice. I hope you had a great beginning to a new year as well.

Happy New Year!!