Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cami hospitalized again

Cami has been hospitalized again since last Thursday night. (actually Friday morning) Thankfully we had a night nurse that night. We knew she was coming down with something because her lungs were not clear. We were trying to wait until my day nurse came on at 8am so that I had her to help with the kids. About 4am I hear the nurse screaming. Camryn's room is at the other end of the house. When I got to her room, she was purple (literally) she was satting at 70. I called 911, Kevin grabbed her oxygen, we started her on o2, kevin went to the top of the property to wait for ems, so that they would not pass our house. Ems got there along with 2 Police officers. We were bagging her when they got there, they couldn't stabilize her. I jumped in the ambulance with her and we were off. She was being bagged all the way. Once we got to Dell ER they had about 30 people waiting for her. There was not enough room for me to be next to her. So, I had to stand by the doors. She was admitted to PICU once she stabilized. They changed her trach to be sure she didn't have a blockage, they don't know what happened. They believe it is a neurological issue. Basically her brain just didn't tell the body to breathe. She is a lot better now, but of course we are still freaked out. She turned 1 year on August 18th. She rolls around the house, she gets physical therapy 2 times a week and is about to start occupational & speech therapy. Will try to update more later.