Saturday, March 13, 2010

8 wks (as of last Wednesday)

I am now 8.5 wks pregnant with miracle #2!!! Heartbeat is great & baby is measuring 3 days ahead (Cody did the same thing) We are so blessed & excited to be having another baby. I am back on my heparin injections & baby aspirin therapy again. However, I am now used to injections after so many fertility issues and then my pregnancy with Cody. Cody is doing amazing. He says mama, da da, ba ba, & "no". He also shakes his head "no" when he doesn't want something. He is still not crawling, but will pull himself up and walk around things. He does get in the "crawling" position, and will push himself around but not a "crawl". He still only has 4 teeth. He was also hospitalized again and is RSV positive. He seems to be getting better though. He was in the hospital for 2 days. I took him to the ER one night and he tested positive and the er doctor released him. I told the er doc that he would only get worse and since he has asthma things go downhill pretty quickly. Well, the idiot didn't listen and a few hours later Cody quit breathing on me 3 times, so back to the er we went and he was hospitalized at that point. Really makes me mad when a doctor will not listen to me!! Cody's pediatrician is the one who told me to take Cody to the er, we were at her office and she told me to get him to the er- she even called and told them we were on our way. She wanted him hospitalized as well. So, er doctor was an idiot. Kevin and I had to go to the coast due to a family member passing away. We stopped by the water as we always do and took a couple pictures. I have gained 14lbs this pregnancy already. *NOT GOOD* My blood pressure is also already up. Also not good. So, this will be a roller coaster of a ride but all worth it. Also, we still plan on adopting our child with Down Syndrome. That is not a dream that we have given up on. Not sure if it will be domestic or international- but it will be done.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

In Awe of my Son

Cody is amazing to me. He is such a big boy! It is hard to believe that he is growing so quickly. I tried to get pictures of his 2 bottom teeth- but it was rough.