Thursday, October 21, 2010

8lb 4oz

That is what Cami weighed last night! She is getting so darn big on me. Her due date was yesterday. I guess she would have weighed more than Cody at birth since he weighed 5lb 15oz. The plan is still to room in tonight (unless the Dr calls and tells me otherwise) so that baby girl can be released tomorrow!! I have to admit I am a little nervous. I mean, she DOES pause breathing a bit. I do live in the country and when I had my stroke it took ems 38 minutes to get there. (I am not joking either) I will be calling them to tell them all about Camryn so that if I dial them they will not take 38 damn minutes to get there. A friend told me to call the electric company as well and tell them I have a medical need for electricity so that if the power goes out I am one of the first to be reconnected. Her machine does have a battery and if fully charged will last about 8 hours. Anyway, I am happy that she may finally be coming home, yet I admit I am nervous. I am not nervous about having 2 kiddo's at home. I am nervous about Cami's breathing issues. When I do get her out- I will definitely be posting pictures of Cody & Cami when they meet. I want to see what Cody's expression is, lol. Time flies by so quick.... It doesn't seem that long ago that Cody was born. Here it is almost 16 months later. Camryn was just born and here she is 2 months 2 days old!! There is a song by D*arius R*ucker that is perfect. It is called "It won't be like this for long" and it is completely true. Soon Cody won't want mommy to hold him when he is hurt or tired. He won't fall asleep with mommy holding him. My kids are my world, but I know as they grow their need for me will lessen. When I am overwhelmed, I like that thought, but when I just watch them- I never want them to get older.


  1. Christy,
    You have the most beautiful children! God Bless all of you! I will keep sending those prayers for your precious little Cami! Hugs to you too!:)

  2. Christ,
    I am so excited for you. I hope tonight goes well and tomorrow your daughter is on her way home. Sounds like you have good plans with calling the ambulance district and the electric company.I cant wait to see the pics of your 2 beautiful children together at last.
    Both of your children are sweet. God Bless and enjoy!!!!
    carol n