Friday, October 8, 2010

Not A Good Update

The top pictures are the most recent pictures of my miracle baby girl

Cody at his Grandma's house (Kevin's mom)

Cami has had trouble with forgetting to breathe for a long time now. The Dr's thought it was due to prematurity, however it is now getting worse. Now they think it is neurological. Long story short... they think that one day I may wake up and my daughter may not be with me any longer. I was asked if I would consider taking her home without a monitor and with a DNR. What is a DNR? It is a "Do not resuscitate" I will NOT sign that order and I will NOT take her home without the monitor. We have a meeting with all the key players Tuesday afternoon. That would be Cami's neonatologist, neurologist, social worker, case worker, chaplain and Lord only knows who else. I will NOT give up on my daughter. I have cried my eyes out since I got that DNR call. I have asked my mom, my step dad & my sister to come. I would ask my sister in law but she has her hands full with her 3 kids. Cody will be at the meeting and if he acts up too much then my step dad will take him out in the hall. I cannot handle losing another child. Please keep Cami in your prayers and pray that her breathing improves.
If you have any advice for me- my eyes & ears are wide open


  1. Oh Christy,
    I can't imagine how frightened you are. I can't believe they asked you to take her home without a monitor and a DNR. That's crazy! Bless her heart and your Christy, I will be storming Heaven with prayers for your baby girl!

  2. I will be praying for Cami and your family!!!!

  3. Oh Christy,
    I will pray for Cami and all of you.. Be strong and remember to advocate for Cami.. She is a beautiful little girl , she just has some special needs. Your her Momma , tell them what you want and expect from them. Respect for Cami!!! She deserves the best.Monitors and all.. I get so mad when they think less of special needs babies and children..

    Bless you all and bigs hugs ,


  4. Christy,
    I agree with everything everyone else has told you. My only other thought would be if you could get a different set of Drs. to examine Cami. Get 2 and 3rd opinions if need be.Yes u should be allowed to have a monitor for how ever long you need one. I agree i would advocate for Cami.Get mad if you have to. Get there attention.Let them know u are not going to accept anything but the best for your girl.Tell them they will listen to you and Kevin you are her parents. If we dont stand up for our children who will. You have so many people praying for you and with you. I will continue to Pray for Cami and your family. I am so sorry that the medical field has treated you in such a disrespectful way. Hang in there.
    carol n

  5. Totally agree with 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinions - whatever it takes!!! We had a monitor with Abbey when she was about 6 weeks old (different circumstances) but we should have been like you and included the whole family. Cami is a precious gift and God gave her to a momma that will fight for her :) Praying for you and Cami!!!!