Saturday, October 9, 2010

I will not give up

Thank you all for your comments. I will not give up on my daughter, she (like Cody) is my life. We know she has brain damage, we know part of her brain never formed. However, we also know that she can function in life and that our Heavenly Father gave her life and gave her to me. I think that their thoughts are that it would be easier to let her go now vs later. I don't think I will have to ever say goodbye to my daughter- she is a fighter. I will take her home with a monitor. We are going to take infant cpr classes and pray for the best. Here are beautiful pictures of my daughter. She is up to 6lb 12oz now.


  1. Oh Christy She is so beautiful. LOVE the smiles!!!She gets her fighting spirit from her Mom!!We took infant cpr classes and monitor classes to bring Haley home. Ended up not coming home on a monitor but the classes were very helpful. Keep your chin up and you keep fighting for her. I am so proud of you and Cami. Will pray extra hard om Tuesday that the meeting goes well.
    carol n

  2. What a precious little girl!!!
    I LOVE the smiles!!!
    God bless your family!!!