Monday, January 31, 2011

House-check Cami-check

Wanted everyone to know that the house has been paid in full (well until tomorrow when another payment is due,lol) However, we can pay this late. I want to thank every one of you who have prayed for our family, those have donated money to save our home and to those who have done both. I appreciate it very much and I am happy to have all of you as my friend. I start training tomorrow on how to take care of Sissy's trach. It has to be cleaned 2 times a day and changed once a week. It is going to take some getting used to on my part so that I don't make her vomit. Her trach causes a "gag" reflex, poor baby. I hope you all enjoy the pictures. I am missing my little man like crazy, but he is being cared for at his grandparents house and I know he is safe. I can't keep him and learn how to help Cami at the same time. I did have $14.50 left of the money that we were given. I am putting that in Cami's savings account to help her. I am not ignorant- I know that we all have a long journey ahead of us with Cami's health- but I will be right.there.behind.her. I find out tomorrow what "tools" I will need to care for Camryn. I will as have a helper come out when she finally goes home to help me. I will need this for sure as it takes 2 people to change Sissy's trach. I will be honest and say that it scares me to death.

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