Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I want to start this post out by saying just how much I appreciate all of you. I appreciate your concern for our family- though many of you have never met us in "real life" before. I appreciate all of the love and concern that your emails, letters and cards have shown me. Someone who has become very dear to me in the last couple of weeks wants me to post how much money we still need to pay our house current. I pondered this because I hate to ask for anything- but on the other hand I want everyone to know just how close we are. We have gotten so many donations big and small and one very big. We only need $1402.00more and we have all of the money that we need to save our house. Yes, we needed about $7k and we are down to $1402.00!!! I prayed several times a day that we would be able to save our home and we are that close!! Camryn is doing fantastic as well!! We may even get moved from the PICU to the IMC by next week sometime! I will write more in a little bit- my son is trying to use the keyboard at the same time I am and it is not working out so well for either of us, lol.


  1. Great pictures! Praying that your needs are met and for Cami.

  2. Love the pictures. Glad to hear she is doing well and could be moved out of PICU!!!!!! That is great news.

    Also glad to hear that you might be able to save your house.

    Sending lots of positive & healing thoughts your familys way.


  3. Hi, I don't know you but someone had your blog on baby center and I have been following it for a couple weeks. I am so amazed by your strength and love all your pictures and postings. God bless. Andrea

  4. Praise God~ I knew He would provide for your needs! That's awesome! So glad to hear that Cami is doing better!

  5. Cami looks so good in her pictures. I am so glad she might be moved out of PICU.Before you know it she will be ready to go home.
    Cody looks great. Praying everything keeps going foward for your family.
    carol n

  6. Awh the kiddos are so beautiful!! Thanxs for the picture updates little Miss Cami looks good!! Continue to stay strong!! I'm praying for your family everyday!! {{Hugs}}

    Love always,
    Becky and my kiddos {Skylar and Ashtin}

  7. That is all wonderful news, Christy!!! Praying that you get the rest of the money and for Cami's continued improvement.

  8. Continuing to pray for your family, especially baby Camryn!

  9. So happy things are progressing well. Praying for your baby girl. She is a fighter.
    ~bbc mom