Thursday, January 6, 2011


Pictures of our baby girl tonight. She is so beautiful! My own little Angel :O)

*WOW* When I got on here to post I had $495.00 in my chip in account. I uploaded new pictures of Cami and went back into my blog and it grew to $595!!! $100.00 I am so excited! I just know that we are going to be able to raise enough money to save our home! I received two checks in the mail today. That was very nice of those two people to send them to me. Thank you very much!! Thank all of you who have donated to help us save our home. We love you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!
$6,000 is a LOT of money to come up with. However, We are slowly doing it!!! So much money had to pay for Sissy (Cami) to go to her Doctors when she first came home and she didn't have insurance. She only had one Doctor that would see her without being paid up front or by having insurance and that was Dr Har*per at Aus*tin Ret*ina. He was wonderful. However, the rest threatened me with CPS if I didn't take her to the appointments. Before she was released from the hospital her case manager made all these follow up appointments- well Camryn lost her insurance right before getting released. We were trying to get more insurance (none of us were covered) but it took a while. I called to reschedule the appointments and was threatened with CPS being called on me because I would be "endangering my child" if I didn't take her. So, I took her. Appointments cost anywhere from $300 - $1200 and I took her. That is why we got so far behind. Then some places we had to go would charge us $50.00 for them to see her for 5 minutes!! On top of that- we live in the country and the appointments were made so that she had to be in town 3-4 days a week and it would take like $40.00 in gas each day. She has now had insurance for over a month- she got it 3 days before she was hospitalized this time. Thank God she got insurance before this all happened. That is why we are so far behind on our mortgage and everything else. I don't care about anything else except our house. So, if I can come up with that- I am beyond happy. I am going to be a surrogate for my sister-(when she can afford it) We aren't using an agency of course because an agency charges our the wazoo. I am thinking of offering to be a surrogate for someone besides just my sister. When I was going through infertility - I begged God to allow me to be a mom and told God that I would help someone else- I am willing to help. I just don't want to lose my house. I will write more later.

Love you all- thank you so much for caring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. She looks Wonderful. Have the Dr. told you when she might be coming home?
    carol n

  2. I love checking in to see how much money has come in!! Just love it! And more than that I love to see little Cami. What a little doll! Continued prayers for you and your family and especially Cami.

  3. Found you through Jess's blog. Praying for your family!