Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3 Months

Sorry I have been mia for a while. I have been in the hospital for 10 days. Will go into more detail about that later. However, for now I have new pictures of my beautiful Bugaroo.
Bug with his Papaw Mike, Cousin Robert & Cousin Julia on 9/26. The day he turned 3 months.

Bug is now 3 months old as of September 26th. He now weighs 13lbs 1oz and is 24 inches long as of his Dr appointment this morning that my mom had to take him to (due to me being in the hospital) Unfortuantely bug has an upper respiratory infection and ear infection. My poor little bug is not feeling well:O(


  1. Hope you are feeling well soon Christy.
    Your boy is too cute!

  2. Prayer's for your health Christy.

    Your Bugaboo is so cute!

  3. Hi Christy, I'm sorry to hear you were in the hospital. I hope everything is okay. I can't believe that Cody is 3 months old already! Caleb and Elijah bth have colds but Caleb's is more in his sinuses and Elijah has a yucky cough. Praying that everyone feels better soon!

  4. The picture of Cody With Papa Mike, he looks just like Kevin in that picture. The kids look really happy in that pictue.