Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday & Pictures

Birthday Cake

Jess & Bubba (yes, they are twins)

Kevin & my brother watching tv

Bug, sleeping through lots of noise

Aunt Jenny & Bug

Yesterday my brother and sister turned 29 years old. Happy Birthday Bubba & Jess! We had a birthday party for them at my mom's house and we had fun. It is hard to believe that my little brother and sister are already 29 yrs old... Where did the years go??? I remember when they were born, lol. I am 3 yrs older than they are and I consider them "babies" so... What happened? My sister was born first at 2:40pm and weighed 5lb 14 0z and then came my brother at 2:41pm weighing 6lb 1 0z. Bug weighed just 1 ounce more than my sister, but he was 1 3/4 inches longer though :O) Anyway, here are pictures from the party yesterday.


  1. He's so cute - I bet you never get tired of looking at him :)

  2. My sister is great! Christy and Kevin love the "Bug" so much and are so blessed. I am proud to have all of them in my lfe.