Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Now & Then

Bug 3 days old

Bug yesterday

My little Bug has grown quite a bit. He is learning to do more and more every day. He coo's (sp?) all the time, laughs & smiles constantly, loves being held, turns his little self over from belly to back, lifts up his head and upper body and looks around when on his stomach and scratches his face.... I cut his nails yesterday because he has started to really scratch his little face. I went back to work on Friday and then had to call in on Monday and today because I have a virus. *yuck* I had a fever yesterday and vomiting and more so the Doctor gave me some medication and I hope it works because I do not want Bug to catch it. It is hard being away from bug though. I thought I would enjoy the "break" but I think of him constantly. He is going to attend his first birthday party this coming Sunday. Our friends (Donnie & Tiffany) little boy Wyatt is turning 1 this month and his birthday party is on Sunday. So, it will be Bug's first birthday party that he has attended. I will take plenty of pictures to post. We are also having a family gathering on Saturday at my grandma's house and will take pictures there as well. I know everyone will be excited to see Cody and see how much he has grown since they all last saw him. Speaking of birthday's... My mom's birthday is tomorrow. I bought her 2 cards, one from Cody and I put paint on his foot and then put it on her card. It took 2 times but we got a good foot print for Memaw. I gave her the cards today and she really enjoyed the one from Cody. She loves him so much (just as she does Robert & Julia) and she loves having him stay with her. It is nice because it also gives me and Kevin and break :O) It sounds horrible saying that I need a break from him, but sleep is good when my sweet little bug is at his Memaw's.

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