Thursday, September 10, 2009


Since I went back to work I feel like Cody is growing up without me. I miss him very much during the day. I doubt he misses me, but I sure do miss him. He still sleeps with/on me at night, I still get up with him at night, I bathe him and I feed him myself most of the time. However, I do not feel that I spend enough time with him. I guess all working mother's go through this, but it is rough. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

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  1. It IS Rough!:( I look at the clock several times a day just to "see" what Elijah is doing. I told one of my students today after looking up at the clock, "Elijah is getting ready to take his nap." They ask about my boys all the time and always want to hear all my stories about them.:) It gets a little easier once they start school because you know that even if you were home, they would be at school anyway. But what I wouldn't do to be a stay at home Mom again!!