Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time Flies

My favorite picture of me & Cami- she is so beautiful :)

Sorry I have not updated in a bit. It was not a purposeful evasion- more of a 19 month invasion, lol. Cody has been with me all week which means that my internet time is about zero. I haven't talked about Cody in quite a while. He is a very active little guy and when he is around- my attention is on him. Since we are at the Ronald McDonald House it is even more so since our room is small, he doesn't have all of his toys, no dogs to play with and no yard to roam. Today was my nephew Michael's 1st birthday party. I took Cody and he had fun and he got to run around in my brother & sil's back yard and it wore him down a bit. My mom and step dad took him afterward so that I can spend some time with my baby girl. Birthday parties are still hard for me though. I now have children, but my sister does not and I know that feeling entirely too well. So, my heart hurts for her and all of friends who face infertility issues as well. I haven't seen Cami in 3 days. Why? well because for 2 days I didn't feel well and then Cody did not- so I could not take a chance with Cami's health. I will be posting new pictures tomorrow though so that you can see her in all of her glory. Not sure if I posted it here yet- but Cami was moved from the ICU to the IMC. So, that is great news!! Still not sure how long she will be there- but it is a step down so that is great!! Well, will update again later.


  1. Glad to hear from you! :) I'm so happy that Cami's moving up at the hospital - what great news!! Hang in there, and I hope you and Cody feel better soon :)

  2. So glad to hear you got to enjoy Cody for a while! Feel better soon!!
    Also, so glad to hear Cami is moving! :)

  3. awh the 4th pic down is so so so beautiful LOOK AT HER SMILE!!!! That melted my heart i can only imagine what it did for you!!
    --Glad that Cody got some playtime he deserved it. I hope your feeling better now and getting to see Little Miss Cami :) its wonderful news that shes moving down WAY-2-GO Cami!!

    Becky and the kiddos (Skylar and Ashtin)

  4. So glad to hear from you!! And Cami's been moved- that is great!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, her smile is so beautiful!!!!!! God bless her little heart!
    For her to be going through so much and still have a smile on her precious face is amazing.
    And I bet Cody was very grateful to have a few days of play with his mommy! =)
    Cami is such a strong, extraordinary little girl. Hope the progress continues! We're still praying!

  6. Smiling at her Mama that is the best picture. You getting to hold her is also great. Gald she is doing so much better. She is starting to look alot like Cody. ENJOY!!!!
    carol n

  7. I love that picture of you and Cami, I am continually amazed by her strength and resilience. I am thinking of and praying for you daily.

    With love,
    Nancy in Michigan

  8. Your daughter is gorgeous! my prayers are with you and your husband and son, we are rooting for you all here in Alaska.