Sunday, March 6, 2011

Heading Out

We are packed and heading out. Both of our vehicles are stuffed to the gills with all of our stuff, but we are making it. I am going to use donated money to get our home phone turned back on. I will call them tomorrow and see when they can have it on for us. I will try to get Internet back as well. My main focus though is on the phone because the hospital can not contact us on our cell phones because we do not get a signal at home. Also, once Cami does come home that is our lifeline for her. We are still learning trach cleaning & changing and now g-tube cleaning and care as well. Once all the training is done with we should be able to take Cami home. We are going home today to start cleaning and dusting the house as it has sat empty since December 6th when Cami went into the hospital. So, though no one has been home to "dirty" it, it needs to be aired and freshened up. Also, we now have mice in our house. Kevin put out poison the other day, so I am hoping that they are no longer there. We will be bleaching the house down to clean up after them and running all the dishes through the dishwasher to be sure that everything is clean. We live in the country and unfortunately mice do come in your house if you do not have a cat and we no longer have a cat. (he passed away a while back) I will miss chatting with all of you, but as soon as I can I will have home phone service again and hoping to get internet again as well. Cami is doing great and I hope to upload pictures tonight from today (if I am able to use my mom's internet) It is going to cost us a pretty penny to go to see Cami every day, but we have to do it. I can not let her be neglected as she is when I am not there to advocate for her. So, once our classes/training for her trach & g-tube are done and we are able to pay for her equipment- we will be able to take her home. Yes, I said it.....*HOME* She will have nursing 12 hours a day, plus therapists coming to the house daily to work with her. So, my life will be pretty crazy for a while but in all honesty- it will be a "good" crazy and not a hospital crazy. I am told that I can choose a day nurse or a night nurse for the 12 hours. I guess I will have to wait and see what feels good when the time comes. My son will be happy to be home though! He will be happy to see the dogs and play in our house & yard. My heart is torn in two- as it usually is. Us going home is good for Cody but not for Cami. Us staying at the RMH is good for Cami but bad for Cody. So, it is a tight rope that I walk. If I get excited to go home- I feel ashamed of myself because Cami won't be with us. If I want to stay at the RMH, I feel ashamed because I know it isn't the best place for my son. So, I am just confused by it all. We should be done with all of our *care* classes with Cami in the next couple of weeks, but then it will be time to take her back into surgery to stretch her wind pipe again. So, if all goes okay we may have our baby girl home by April 1st. (if classes are done, CPR training is completed and we pass and we of course pay our portion of the equipment) So, please keep us in your prayers and thank you all for prayers and donations.

Kevin, Christy, Cody & Camryn


  1. I can't imagine how torn your heart is right now. Praying for all of you in the weeks to come. Praying that the money comes in and Cami can go HOME!!! Update us when you can.

  2. Hi there. We (on BBC)are doing all we can. Cami will be home soon.

  3. Christy,

    Next time you post could you please say something about the FB auction that is being held for Cami? We are still in need of donated items. The link to the auction page is:!/pages/Offical-CAMI-PAGE/158650890856920

    Someone will let you know the exact date the auction will take place so you can get the word out to those who might want to bid.


  4. Hi Christy,
    Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about baby Cami and your family. She is such a beautiful baby girl! Many thoughts, prayers, and hugs!