Thursday, March 3, 2011

Money, Money

Spoke with the medical supply company this morning about getting all of Camryn's supplies ordered so that once we are done with all of our training with the g-tube and trach we can take her home. So, they are running through 20 million things on their list and I am just sitting there saying (uh huh, yes, okay) Then at the end of the call the girl wants to know how I am going to be paying for all of that today. Excuse me? She then tells me that AFTER the insurance pays that we still have to pay $1928.64 out of pocket. I just start laughing because well people- we don't have $1928.64. So, my life keeps on trucking.


  1. Been following Cami's story for a while. You need to get her on state insurance, apply for SSI (disability) and get her covered. No need to continue to accumulate all of this debt when there is help out there. Praying for your family!

  2. I agree, get a medical card and everything will be covered. You can apply for SSI online for her. It would help so much. Prayers

  3. I'm a new follower to your blog and I just want to lend you my support. I agree with the above posters, you need to apply for SSI for Cami, that is what it is for! There is no shame in it. I'm sure the social worker at the hospital could help you find out more about it. It sounds like Cami's problems are going to be life long and the bills and costs are just going to increase. God Bless.