Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Going To Stand There.....

Daddy, Mommy & Cami
Baby Cami (notice no ng tube in her nose anymore due to g-tube)

Mommy & Cami

Daddy & Cami (right before her trach change)

My handsome little man. He is such a mess

Since Cami has had her trach- you cannot hear her when she cries or when she makes any noise at all. I hate it because she cannot express herself. It makes me crazy- it puts me on the attack for my daughter. I am an easy going person.... Well, not really I USED to be an easygoing person. Now I am a nightmare in the form of a mom. I feel the anxiety on the floor go up when I get there. Every nurse there wants to be distanced from me. I am sure that "Camryn's mom" gets brought up a lot in their meetings and shift huddles. I am sure that I am called some pretty nasty things behind my back as well. You know what? I don't care either. People should do their job and I wouldn't have to be crazy. The other day I walked in behind another family (you have go dial in at the door to the unit and give a password to be admitted into the icu/imc wherever your child is) So, needless to say they didn't know I was there. I was able to walk down the hall and into Cami's room without being noticed in the least. I left her room door open the way it was and I sat in the recliner beside her crib (you can't see the person sitting there from the hall) What was I doing? I was testing them. Guess what? They FAILED horribly. I was in that room for over an hour and during that time Cami was crying most of it- her heart rate sped up and guess what? The nurse muted it from the hallway. She didn't even come into the room to see what was wrong. Mind you, Cami cannot make noise- so she sat there in silence. Mommy was there and of course I calmed her down- but no one came into her room. So, once I was able to calm her completely and change her SOAKED diaper and put on her diaper cream (because she has a rash... I wonder why?) I walked into the hallway and waited to be noticed- it didn't take long. I am a nightmare in mom's clothing. I tore that nurse apart, then the charge nurse and then the rounding Doctor. How DARE they ignore my baby girl when she is in distress? So, I have filed a formal complaint. I also told them that I never want that nurse with Camryn again. The charge and Rounding Doctor agreed with me that it was wrong and blah, blah, blah. You know, I don't understand why they find it so hard to give Camryn ANY ATTENTION AT ALL if I am not there to be sure of it. Don't get me wrong- she has good nurses too. It is just that the bad over shadow the good. Last night Kevin and I did a complete trach change and care together without anyone helping us. You know what??? This is the first trach change or trach care that Cami did not cry. I am not lying. As God is my witness, Kevin and I worked along side each other and she never cried. Even the 2 nurses watching us were amazed and said the same thing- that they have never known Cami not to cry and get herself worked up during anything to do with her trach. It was because we were GENTLE, TALKED to her and TOOK OUR TIME. It really isn't hard to take a few minutes is it??? Well enjoy the pictures- will do another post later- I have a meeting with the hospital about my "concerns" that I have to get to.


  1. I'm so sorry you have to go thru all this :( I don't understand how those nurses can just ignore the crying of a baby, specially after all that Cami has gone thru.
    She looks so beautiful!! and growing more everyday!!!

  2. Oiii I would have done the same thing. Probably worse. I would have gone insane on them!!!
    So glad she looks so much better than she has in several weeks!!!

  3. You let them have it! If you have legitimate complaints, and it sounds like you do, go for it. Who cares what they think of you. I think people become complacent in their jobs (some people!) and don't stop to think that little things like a wet diaper is really a big deal for a baby who can't let someone know she is uncomfortable. Perhaps if they are reminded it will be a good thing. I'd be the same as you. I will be sweet as sugar if you do your job but if you are wronging me in some way (or God forbid wronging my child) WATCH OUT!

  4. I am so sorry. What a terrible experience. And, truly, I'd be the same as you. We were fortunate that 99% of our NICU nurses were great, but the ones who werent... Not good times. And these are our babies! Of course we are mamabears!

  5. You have absolutely EVERY right to lose your rag at them!
    Poor wee treasure deserves attention, and I am disgusted that nurses wouldn't be more compassionate to her :-(
    I agree with above comment: We are Mamabears!

  6. I'm so sorry....I can't wait till she's home where she belongs!!

  7. I have been reading your blog for over 2 hours now and can only say my heartand prayers go out to you and your family. I cannot been begin to fathom what you and your little angel have had to endure, but having had a child hospitalizedfor only a few days and had to deal with that same issue of some nurses being awesome and others making better greeters at walmart (because then they wouldnt be jeopardizing someones health or safety) than taking care of our most precious gifts, all I can say is YOU GO GIRL! When your little girl cannot speak for herself, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you speaking up for her LOUDLY, EMPHATICALLY and even DEMANDINGLY if necessary! My thoughts & prayers are with you. Stay strong.