Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cami is 1 month Today!!!

Happy 1 Month to my beautiful baby girl!! I have been blessed to be able to touch her for 1 month today. I am in love with my baby girl just as I am with Cody. She is so strong & beautiful. I got to bathe her again last night and then got to feed her her 2nd bottle!! YES, she is now taking 2 bottles a day. Her Dr upped her feedings to 2 bottles a day. She didn't quite finish all of her 2nd bottle, but the nurse said that was probably because we had just bathed her and the bath wears them out as well. So, I am just happy that I can feed her twice a day now. Also, she can now wear clothes!! Cody is sick though, he has an ear infection and uri. So, please pray that he gets better soon.

In order for her to go home she has to be able to take all of her feedings by bottle and maintain her temperature.

We are still quite a ways away from bringing her home, but we will.

However, if it gets to where the Dr thinks she can't handle all of her feedings by bottle, then she will have to go home on a g tube. I am praying that my baby girl is able to take all of the feedings by bottle.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that baby doll in pink!!! She looks like she might have more hair than Cody did? Praying for her to guzzle those bottles and for Cody to feel better :)

  2. Cami's gorgeous! I have been advocating for a little girl in an Eastern European (you know where I mean) orphanage with hydrocephalus. She is 3 and has never been treated for it. We currently have two families inquiring and one asking to fund her surgery before she leaves her country. In the European orphanages these precious children never are given shunts. They simply wait for them to die. We are hoping to get a humanitarian group with a couple drs. to go over and educate and hopefully place shunts in these children who are in the orphanages with hydrocephalus.
    God Bless you guys and give your little princess a kiss from me!

  3. Christy,
    Cami is beautiful!!! Give that baby a kiss from me. We hope Cami drinks them bottles down good.

    Hugs~ Jody