Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Updates

Cami weighed in at 5lb 7oz last night. She is getting so big! When Cody was born he weighed 5lb 15oz and when he went home he weighed 5lb 10oz. So, she is almost at the weight that Cody was when we took him home. However, the difference is that Cody didn't have all the extra weight in his head that baby girl has. From the front it is hard to see the hydrocephalus, when she was first born her head was really round- when you felt her head all you could feel was fluid. Then she had her shunt placed and then we could feel her fontanel plate and her soft spot. However, she still had a soft spot on the back of her head the size of my palm. The back soft spot is closing (thank God) it is now about the size of a 50 cent piece. From the front it is kind of hard to notice the hydrocephalus except for her high forehead. However, you can see it from the side- that is why I posted the bath picture that shows her head. I asked the neuro surgeon about the size of her head. He says that the hope is that she will grow into her head. So, that is that. Kevin is a lot more over protective of her than I am. He has already had it out with my dad. I can ignore my dad as he is an alcoholic- but Kevin cannot. My dad told us that was don't need any more kids because "look what we did to Cami" "you don't need to put another child through that" and a lot of other stuff. He still hasn't been to see Cami either- he says it is because no one will take him. Part of me wants to go and get him- but another part does not because if he says anything mean, I will disown him. So, I don't know what to do. We love our daughter regardless of anything and I don't want to subject her to ignorance. So, any ideas?


  1. I would take him or have your sister bring him up..let him see the Miracle this baby girl has come through...God is good!!

  2. Thank you for your comment on Kaelyn's blog. Your little girl is so cute! I LOVE her name, in fact I totally want to name a daughter Camryn (spelled the same and everything) but my husbands brothers name is it may take some talking into :) Praying that she will keep eating well and be ready to come home in no time. We brought Kaelyn home on a feeding tube and it wasn't bad at all, after we got used to it. It was nice because I knew she was getting enough food so I didn't have to stress about her not eating all of it by mouth when she was so small and tired.
    And to what your father said, I'm sorry. That would be so hard to have to deal with. Its so not your fault that she has these challenges. I've come to learn with Kaelyn, its just who she is. Part of the package and I wouldn't trade any of it, even the hard medical stuff, because without it I wouldn't have her...and she is EVERYTHING to me. Prayers to you and your family.

  3. Comments like that just suck. It's really hard to have understanding when you are going through everything right now but everyone does process things in a different way (still sucks though). My dad, who was very well sober, thought that the "government had something to do with it," after Bryce was born. I was upset that he just couldn't love that baby like I did, which was completely with no doubts. He has come around with time but that first year was a challenge and I had to brace myself for any right winged comments.......looking back now (6 years can you believe it?), Dan and I have something to laugh about (not the comments but my dad's ignorance) but wow it was hurtful at the time. Have you dad see her and hold her first - babies do work miracles of their own and I pray your dad will have his heart and mind open when he holds her.