Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Update on Cami

I want to say Thank you to my friend Kristy to updating the blog for me. Cami had her shunt placed yesterday at 2pm. When we left the hospital at around 1am, she still had not completely woken up from anestesia but would open her eyes every so often for us. She has the incision on the right side of her head where her shunt was placed and then also has a small incision in her abdomen. The good news is that we can already tell a difference in the size of her head. We can see and feel part of her skull that was previously undetectable. We can also feel her little soft spot that we also could not feel before due to the swelling. Camryn is an active little girl who gets real cranky when it is feeding time. Due to her surgery, she could not eat for 12 hours, therefore she was not a happy camper when mommy got there 2 hours before her surgery. She was sucking on her bottom lip, her fingers, her blanket and when I offered- her pacifier. Kevin, Cody and I are staying at the Ronald Mcdonald house which is just down the street from the hospital. It makes it easier to be close to Cami- that way we can visit her as often as possible. Since Cody is not allowed in the NICU, my mom and stepdad have been keeping him quite a bit for us so that we can visit Camryn as often as possible. My c-section incision is infected and so that had to be cut open and cleaned out yesterday and packed with gauze. I have to have this done every day until it is healed. Well, that is all for now. Will update when I get a chance or Kristy will.

Also, for those who are interested in donating to the Ronald Mcdonald house for our stay (thank you Kristy for thinking of that)you have to go to ... go to the top of the page and click on "room fee payment" under "room number and family name" you have to put "room #2 Faglie" then you also have to call 512-472-9844 to tell them that you made a payment and who it is for so that it will be posted to our account. If it is not done exactly like this- it will not be applied to our account.

If you have made a donation already- it has not posted to our account- so please call them to let them know that it was made.

Thank you all in advance for any help and/or prayers that you can send our way. Will try to get more pictures uploaded soon.

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  1. Christy and Kevin,
    You are taking me down memoryy lane taking about Cami's head. How i remeber all of that so well.
    She will do good. Now that she has the shunt you will most likely see a big improvement in her. I am saying prayers every day for your sweet baby girl. It wont be long till you have her home.
    Take care of yourself Christy.You will need all of your strength to take care of both of your sweet babies.
    God Bless you and your family.
    carol n