Sunday, September 5, 2010


Cami is up to 4lb 14oz now. She is getting bigger every day. She looks more like her daddy and we are completely in love with her. Cody has not met her yet and will not until she comes home due to no one under the age of 18 being allowed in the nicu. We visit her every day- usually more than once. We are still at the Ronald Mcdonald house right now as it makes it easier to visit her when you are right around the corner versus being over an hour away. Her head is decreasing in size about 1/2 cm a day so far which is wonderful news! I have been having to see wound care every day due to my c-section incision being infected. I have 2 big holes that have to be packed daily. Hoping that they heal soon so that I can walk upright again, lol. Thanks to everyone for keeping Cami in your prayers- God is definitely looking over our baby girl. Please also keep a little boy named Walker in your prayers as well- he has had 2 surgeries for gastroskeesis (sp?) and is still looking at an uncertain future. Kevin and I have become friends with his parents. Walker is at the same nicu that Cami is in and his parents stay at the Ronald Mcdonald house as well.

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  1. Glad you can see a difference in Cami head with the shunt. Sounds like she is gaining weight good. Will be praying for Cami, Christy, and little Walker. Christy u take care of yourself. Once that infections gets cleared up and u can get Cami home life will get a little easier. Thanks for the update.