Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Updated Pictures Of Cami

Here are some updated pictures of our big girl. As of last night she weighs 5lb 10oz. She is close to being 6 pounds. *wow* Of course I have to keep in mind that a lot of her weight is in her head, so her little body is still tiny. However, she is doing well. I got to bathe and feed her last night- it was wonderful. The breast pump and me are not friends though. I HATE it. Well enjoy pictures of my beautiful baby girl :O) My handsome little man met Ronald Mcdonald as well, lol


  1. I can't say enough how PRECIOUS your children are! I'm praying you can bring your baby girl home very soon!! Hugs to you Christy,

  2. Christy,
    Both of your children are beautiful. Cody looked happy sitting with Rhonald McDonald. Cami has such a precious face. She looks good. Keep up the good work Mom you will have your family together soon.
    carol n

  3. Beautiful pictures of your baby girl. Hope she continues to gain weight so she can go home. Glad she is doing well.