Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are We Real???

Unfortunately there was someone who *allegedly* used sickness & death of a baby to gain sympathy, friendship and maybe financial gain. So, now the people who were taken in by this person are asking about all the rest of us who have legitimate problems. Are we for "real"?? Well, anyone who really needs to know if we are for "real" can call the RMH in Austin 512-472-9844. Our names are Kevin & Christy Faglie- we are currently in Rm 26. Unfortunately, we have been here since shortly after Cami's birth and got a "leave" of a few weeks and have been back since 12/6/10 except for a 1 week leave. I would not ever make up a child's health issue and even in my wildest dreams could not have made up half the stuff that has happened to my poor daughter since her birth almost 7 months ago. If you are my facebook friend, you can find my family and contact them as well. Any of them. I would hate to think that you would think of us as "liars", but I understand since you trusted someone else who turned out to be.

Enough of that. Cami is doing great today, we had a "care conference" with 2 of her Doctors, 2 of her nurses and 2 social workers on a plan to get Cami home. We are aiming to have her home by the end of the month. We have trach cpr and more equipment training next Thursday (not tomorrow) then we have to care for her by ourselves for 24 hours each and pass that before she can go home. So, keep us in your thoughts & prayers.


  1. Praying you will home your precious baby home soon! You are SO STRONG, keep it up!

  2. Oh Christy,

    We believe you !!! Your family is awesome!! We have loved following your family. Don't let one bad apple spoil things.

    We are so happy you all are getting closer to bring beautiful little Cami home!!


  3. I can confirm 100000% that she is real and so are her babies...not only do we speak daily, I've called the RMH.

  4. I just wanted to say since I learned of Cami and followed your blog that your daughter looks better and better with every picture you post. I am so glad she is doing well. Our prayers and thoughts are with you always.

  5. Christy and her family are for Real....sadly, some pa=eople can and do ruin things for those that really need the help.
    I have known Christy since before Cody was born and we have shared alot. Christy has helped children in the Ukraine and was in process of adopting them, Christy and Kevin have helped out families that needed a Christmas for thier children and through posting and their own finances, have helped families out..Christy is a strong advocate for special needs children....Sadly after the birth of Cody, Christy had a stroke along with other numerous issues and had to leave work...Christy herself was in and out of the hospital for medical problems and their finances became really hard to come by with only 1 income...Christy carried the family insurance from her job and paid high cobra fee's, just to keep insurance going for them....after Cami's early birth and complications...Christy also had her own complications from her c-section, when they lost their insurance...they could not even afford the multiple antibiotics that Christy was on and she had to go to wound care on a daily basis and then visit Cami in ICU and make time for Cody..we all thought Christy would end up in the hospital for care on her infected c-section...I know she did not get or do some of what she needed to do as she was more concerned about her children and spreading herself between all of them and her husband...never taking time for herself (as evident in the infections)...She and Kevin were in a negative on their finances just at the same time as Cami entered the world...Christy did not even have the time to shop for Cami..a brand new baby girl and had nothing for her except what she had left from Cody that was mix gender...I know for a fact about the SSI situation. I even had Christy go apply for WIC and she did not think they would qualify..guess what they did (I am hoping they help with Cami's special formula..they should)..This family has come from living very comfortable to asking for assistance....What you ALL are so lovingly doing for her and her family is a God Send!!!I personally Thank you and Love you ALL for your kindness and generosity for this family...I know Christy does also as she cries with all the kindness and love her family is shown during this time...I personally have been through ALot in my life and I just can not even put myself in Christy's position...All In The Love of Her Children and God!
    You are all Fantastic Friends and Family!!!

    Prayer's Jacki

  6. Prayers that you can get home soon and get on SSI. We were never lucky enough to get my son on SSI or have any big funrasiers or help and the medical bills added up fast and we had to file Bankruptcy.
    It's also hard to both work, after being asked to quit so the place I worked for didn't have to fire me I decided it was easier for me to be at home. Early on me and my husband said we would never leave my son alone in the hospital, no matter what, someone would always be there.
    It's sad to know that someone would use a sick child as way to get money.
    Can't wait to see more updates, I try to check everyweek, not alway on much 4 kids keep me busy.

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