Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pictures From Today

Cody was in the middle of saying "Hi Sissy" He sounds so cute when he says it.
He is so gentle with his Sissy

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid???

My Beautiful Baby Girl. Half of my reason for living. The other half pictured above :)

Unfortunately, Cody and Cami have never had a lot of time together. So, as they both age it is important to me that they be "close" I want Cody to love his little sister through thick and thin. I want her to adore her older brother as well. It is hard to see one child have to work so hard for everything, but I know that she is mine for a reason and I will do what I have to do to care for her. Today after surgery, she slept a long time. My mom came and got Cody this afternoon because I have a Dentist appointment in the morning. I am blessed beyond words that my mom and step dad have been able to care for Cody as much as they have. He is enjoying the visit with his cousin, as my mom and step dad have his cousin there as well. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. When I feel like giving up, I think about everyone who has been keeping us afloat with prayers and finances for so long now. I wish that I could visit with each and every one of you. Maybe one day I will. We are hoping to have Cami home by the end of the month. I will go into specifics in another post. We have paid for our part of all of her equipment. ($2068.00) Our monthly out of pocket cost will be anywhere from $384.00 - $567.00. They are not sure of the specifics quite yet because the number depends greatly on just how much special formula she is taking in and how much oxygen, etc she goes through. They say we should know the "average" by the time she is home about 3 months. I am hoping that SSI comes through for us soon, because I do not see how in the heck we are going to pay all of this out of pocket. Camryn was born with 3 birth defects, premature (born at 31 wks), now has a trach and a gtube and requires oxygen a lot of the time. So, I believe she should qualify with all of the above. Anyway, it is almost 2am and I am exhausted- so I hope you all enjoy the pictures.


  1. Absolutely love the photos! They are both adorable. Get some rest momma! Many thoughts, prayers, and hugs being sent!

    Love, Mandy

  2. I love seeing pics of Cami and Cody. They are so cute. It breaks my heart to have to see Cami go through all of this though. Honestly, I cry a lot about Cami and Scarlett. I can't imagine having to go through that. She is a fighter and we think about you guys all the time.