Friday, April 3, 2009

26 Weeks!

Where has the time gone? I am 26 weeks pregnant today! Before too long my little bug will be here in his mommy's arms. I will be so happy the day that he is placed in my arms. My Dr has told me that the latest that they will let me carry is July 3rd. So, I know that at the latest by July 3rd I will be holding my baby boy in my arms and crying like a baby myself. I treasure every moment that I am pregnant with my little bug. I thank God every day for him. Cody is truly a miracle, a gift straight from our Heavenly Father.

My niece Julia has decided that she is not going to change Cody's diaper now. Before she kept telling me that she was going to hold him and change his diapers. Well, I am guessing that seeing a friend's little boy's diaper being changed has changed her mind,lol. She is still going to hold him, but the diaper is now out. She says that I am now going to have to change his diaper :o)

Happy 26 Weeks Bug, We LOVE You!!

*For those wondering why I always look tired & red in the face. These pics are always taken late in the evening. I wake up between 5:30 - 6:00 am every morning and then do not go to bed until at least 11:00pm. So, in the evening I AM tired... Exhausted is more like it :o) *

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