Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Received My Doppler Today

My mom ordered a fetal doppler for me and Kevin. I received it today and have already used it at lunch! This will definitely calm our nerves. Cody is a very active baby pretty much all the time (especially at night) so, when I cannot feel him moving for hours at a time (especially right before bed time when he usually gets cranked up) Worry goes into overdrive. Of course this has to do with having 2 pregnancies before where one day the baby is moving and then the next the baby is not and I end up with children that have passed away. So, to ease my fears my mom ordered us a very nice, top of the line fetal doppler. That way I can listen to Bug's heart beat anytime I want. He did not seem to like it at lunch though. He moved and I found him again and then he kicked it,lol. I sure do love my little Bug!!


  1. I cried every time I heard my babies at the doctor's office and they were healthy high risk pregnancy's.
    Have fun listening to your bug and praying for a Healthy heart beat!!