Monday, April 20, 2009

Blessed, Lucky or More?

I have talked many times about what a wonderful husband I have. I truly do have a wonderful husband. Am I saying that he is perfect? Of course not. He just amazes me every single day. He works hard both at work and at home, he is loving, he is faithful, he is considerate and a whole lot more. He has always been very protective of me and now is the same with Cody. He calls me many times a day to see how we both are doing. He wants to hear about every move, kick & punch that Cody makes. He talks and sings to Cody. He rubs my back, feet, legs and stomach even before I ask. The stomach part is about 50 times a day *literally* He truly loves his son. Sometimes at night I will wake up and he is talking to Cody and rubbing my stomach. Of course he is not just waking up to do that, but will do it before going to the restroom or getting a drink of whatever he woke up to do. We sing "twinkle, twinkle little star" to Cody every night before bed and he must really love it because he definitely responds. Kevin likes when Cody kicks him in the face,lol. Kevin will kiss my stomach or just lay his head on it and talk to Cody and he will get a little kick or punch to the face :o) I cannot wait to see how he will be as a dad.

My family. I also have a wonderful, supportive family. Everyone is so excited about Cody's upcoming arrival. My mom tells all of her friends about every antic that Cody does and delights in talking about him. My sister is so excited for me and talks all the time about how Cody will be stubborn and hardheaded like his parents,lol. My niece is totally & completely in love with her little cousin. She always talks about how when he gets here, how she is going to carry him around and what they are going to do together. The males in my family are excited as well, but of course being male do not really talk that much about him. Just that they will be excited to meet him.

I haven't always felt that I had a blessed life. I am just happy that I feel that way now. God does know what he is doing. That I truly believe

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