Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Pictures

Me & Kevin

Julia unloading her basket

Robert & Julia before egg hunt

Julia getting her hair done

Me & Kevin

Some pictures from today. Me & Kevin and My niece Julia & Nephew Robert. More pictures to come either today or tomorrow. Unfortunately, I over slept this morning and Kevin and I missed church. We felt horrible about it because that is what Easter is about, Jesus's resurrection. So, we prayed and then went to my brother & sister in law's house for Easter. Most of my immediate family was there. My sister had emergency surgery yesterday. She had a huge 10 mm or cm (not sure which) kidney stone and she had to have a stint put into her kidney. So, she looks awful (will post a pic of her in the next blog post) The hospital wanted to keep her another couple of days but she didn't want to stay and checked herself out. (though my mom being in the medical profession tried to talk her into staying) All in all we had a wonderful day. Will post more pics in a few minutes.

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