Friday, April 17, 2009

~~**~~28 Weeks Today~~**~~ **3rd Trimester**

Today I am 28 Weeks pregnant! **WOW** I am in the 3rd trimester as of today. Another week has flown by. Bug is getting a lot stronger and a lot more active as well. My sister was able to feel him for the first time last night moving around and kicking. (She lives a bit away so I rarely get to see her, we do however talk on the phone every day) I say this all the time, but the time is just flying by :o) Soon, I will get to meet my little bug face to face and cannot wait to see who he looks like. I am sure that he will have black hair like I did when I was born (Kevin had blonde) So, until the day he is born, I will keep wondering what he looks like. Will post a 28 wk picture tonight when I get home. See the headband I have on? It was made by Julia who is still making crocheted items as a fund raiser. You can order your own if you look to the right of my blog. It fits my head wonderfully! I have a lot of them that I will probably be wearing in my weekly pictures. Wondering about my curly, frizzy hair?? That is what happens when my hair gets wet in the rain and dries on it's own. Pretty scary, I know.

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