Friday, April 24, 2009

~29 Weeks Today~

Today I am 29 absolutely beautiful, fantastic weeks pregnant. Bug has a more "regular" schedule now. He sleeps for small amounts of time and then is up moving all over the place the rest of the time. He is still a dream and we love him more than anything. We are still working on getting his room together. We have used it as the storage room for so long, that we are having to box things up and move them out of his room. I also have to get him a dresser for his room as we have a ton of clothes and they are just sitting in a huge garbage bag waiting to be put in a dresser. Things are going great and we are all happy & healthy. Last weight for Cody was approx 3 pounds, so he is growing strong.

Happy 29 Weeks Cody, we love you bug!

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