Sunday, April 26, 2009


Funny how the word "accepted" is so readily used in the world today. It is used on Tv and in written words. What does "Accepted" mean though? Too many times to be "accepted" you have to "do" something to prove yourself, right? In school, kids have to "do" something to be accepted. In the workplace you have to "do" things to be accepted. Where do you not have to "do" anything to be accepted? I will tell you where....


I belong to a wonderful church where I am "accepted" without having to "do" anything. People with special needs are highly regarded in my church. Children are taught from a very young age to treat those with special needs with the utmost respect. Special Needs individuals do not have to worry about being seen as different. They are treated just like everyone else and it will bring tears to your eyes to see a small child jump up and offer to give another child with special needs their seat in the pew. This is done without thought. I know that when we adopt a special needs child, that they will be seen as just another person and treated as such. They will not be made fun of or singled out in church. I know that Cody will learn life lessons not just from his family, but from his church family. I believe our Heavenly Father has made all of this possible. Without him, there would not be a Cody.
I have not been going to church on a regular basis here lately. It was not that I did not want to go, but things just kept happening that kept me from going. When I walked into church this morning (without Kevin as he had to work) I was greeted by more than 15 people who were happy to see me and wanted to know how Kevin, Cody & I were doing. Our Bishop asked if he could see me after our Sacrament meeting in his office. Do you want to know why? He wanted to be sure that we were okay. He wanted to be sure that Cody was fine, he wanted to be sure that our finances were okay. He offered to help with anything that we needed. That was enough to bring tears to my eyes because I KNOW that I am loved in my church. Even when I do not make it there to worship with them, they are thinking of me. They pray over my child, my husband, my finances, my health & my marriage. It was offered to have the Elders come to my home and give me a blessing. My church family has been there for us every step of the way. Through ever surgery, they were there. Through every financial crisis, they were there. When I could not clean my home, the sister's came out and cleaned my home. They brought food every week so that I would not have to cook. Our missionaries came out and cleaned our back yard. I have 3.5 acres and we have about 1/2 an acre fenced in behind the house for some of the dog's to run. They raked, scooped and cleaned the whole area. Did I ask for any of this? No, it was offered and accepted. When I was very sick after my last 2 surgeries, the Elders came out at different times to give me a Blessing. When I could not drive, other member's drove me to Dr appointments and to the pharmacy. I was taken to the grocery store and at different times people came out to have lunch with me. I live in the country, way away from them and yet, they still brought lunch for me and them just to sit and talk. I am blessed beyond words to belong to my church. I will not push my religion on anyone but will tell you that I belong to the Church Of Latter Day Saints. I am LDS (Mormon) I did not grow up in the church, Kevin and I joined as adults and my life has been made better because of it.

You should never have to "do" anything to be accepted. The Lord "accepts" you as you are.

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  1. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to read this. I always have a place in my heart for you and your faily and I pray that you are taken care of as family. It brings such joy to my heart to hear that our ward family is watching over you! I wish I could be there to help with everything but I can't and the conselation is to know that you are in good hands. I love you guys so much and I'm glad that you are so well cared for.