Friday, April 10, 2009

~~~~27 Wonderful Weeks Today~~~~

Today I am 27 weeks pregnant! *WOW* My bug continues to grow and I love being able to feel him move all the time. He amazes us each and every day with his activity. It is so fun to just sit and watch my abdomen move when he is rolling around and kicking and punching and whatever else he does. I continue to thank God every day for the blessing that he has bestowed on me and Kevin. There is no better gift that I could have received than the one that I am now carrying. I am now actually "feeling" pregnant though. My back, pelvis, abdomen and everything in between hurts all the time. Bug has been using my cervix as his own personal trampoline and my back as his personal springboard. When I try to dislodge him by lying down and moving around he must "stiff" leg me because I cannot get him to move. When I am able to get him to move a bit, he moves right back into place and continues his assault with more force. I tell Kevin all the time that he is just like him, Hard headed. It also doesn't help that I had 3 surgeries last year (all abdominal) and I have a lot of scar tissue that is being stretched as well. I wouldn't give my bug up for anything- but I have to say that I will be glad when July gets here and he is born :o) Will post a 27 week picture tonight when Kevin and I get home and he can take one of me. My face continues to get more round & my belly a tiny bit bigger but that is the only difference so far. (that I notice anyway)*I have come to the conclusion that Kevin cannot take a good picture either, doesn't focus or take time*

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