Monday, April 13, 2009

More Easter Pictures

Julia showing how old she is (3)

My sister & Her Fiance, Tim (she was just released from the hospital)

Kevin feeling Cody kick

Me & Kevin


More pictures from Easter. I was trying to keep Julia entertained while her mom did her hair. She kept on making faces at me anytime I got the camera out,lol. My sister and her fiance Tim showed up for just a little bit. My sister had just left the hospital after having a stint surgically placed in her kidney. Kevin is always feeling Bug kick and move around and was feeling him when my mom took a picture of him doing it. There are many more pictures, but do not know if I will post them or not. We had a wonderful Easter with family. It was nice to just all get together and be with each other for the day. Jenny's parents came as well but I didn't get any pictures of them this time. Not quite sure how they avoided my camera, usually no one is able to get away,lol. Everyone was shocked at how big my stomach has gotten. I went to the Dr today and all is well with my little bug.

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