Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beautiful Eyes

I have been able to see Sissy's eyes a couple of times now. They are slowly weaning her off of her sedation medications with methadone & ativan (sp?) Dr is wanting her to wake up so that they can get her off of the ventilator. She was moved off of the high powered ventilator that collasped her lung because they were scared that it would collaspe her remaining lung and that would be deadly. So, she is on the weaker ventilator and it is having a hard time keeping her O2 sats up. So, they are trying to wake her up so they can remove the ventilator all together. She had another cat scan this morning, but I haven't heard the results yet. I was told I had to wait until the Doctors all rounded- they have since rounded but still no answer for me. The tube that was coming out of her chest wall to release air from there has been removed. The catheter has been removed (it left her with a nasty bladder infection) Her neuro surgeon is wanting to internalize her shunt this weekend if at all possible because her newest drain is already starting to show signs of getting infected. So, she may be in surgery again this weekend (Merry Christmas to you Camryn) She still has a brain infection, still has a lung infection, now has a bladder infection, seizure medication is keeping the seizures at bay for the time being, drain in head starting to show signs of infection, still has iv's in both hands, both feet & one leg. She is still having a hard time keeping her own temperature stable without the heated air blanket. (don't know what that is about) I am waiting to hear back on the cat scan to see if any of the brain bleeds have stopped- I know the bleeds are going to leave damage behind like the neurologist & neuro surgeon told us- but I hope that they have begun to stop or at least slow down. She hasn't had to have a blood transfusion in about a week now- so I am hoping that the bleeds are showing signs of slowing down and/or stopping. That would be great. I will upload new pictures of her as soon as I get my camera back. I left it in my Aunt Debbie's car a couple of days ago, but I should have it back tomorrow.

I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have prayed for our family and to those who have posted our story on your blogs. I didn't know that was done until I had a couple of people email me and let me know and I truly appreciate it. Though I now have children I have always followed my fellow "infertile" friends on line. After years and years of wanting to be a mom and it not happening, even after it finally does you are still that person. Someone once told me that once I had children I would forget my struggles... That simply is not true, maybe for some but not for me- that is why I still rally behind my online friends.

Thanks for everything,
Christy, Kevin, Cody (aka "Boogie") & Camryn (aka "Cami" & "Sissy")

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  1. Christy, Keep us informed on how Cami is doing. sounds like things are moving slowly in the right direction. Will pray tonight that you find out the results of the testing.Was nice to get to chat with you on Fb today. God Bless
    carol n